Your Spring 2018 Pool Maintenance Checklist

Publication date : Saturday, January 26th, 2019

January has officially ended, and that means February is right around the corner. While most of us are still clamoring with winter, there’s no better time to get an early start on planning your spring pool maintenance than right now. To help you find your way and start the year off right, follow this checklist for a sweet spring and summer in 2019.

Properly Store Your Pool Cover

It sounds overly obvious, but surprisingly, so many people don’t know how to properly take care of their cover. Commonly, they roll it up and stash it away in a garage thinking all is well, only to come back a few months later and find it full of mold.

First, whether you’re using a dry or soft cover, clean it well. A hose works well to remove debris; for tough stains, you may need to use a soft cloth. If the cover is already clean and dry, yet contains debris, use a leaf blower to remove the dirt and dust (including any old leaves.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for putting your pool cover away (or even just rolling it up to reveal your pool). For long-term storage, it’s important to put it away dry and tucked up off the ground to avoid mice and insect infestations.

Check Electrical Outlets

This is another really common indoor and outdoor pool problem. Sometimes, homeowners will think they have a pool equipment problem; really, what they have is a faulty electrical outlet or fuse. Test all outlets powering your equipment using a voltage tester. This link will tell you how to use one safely. If you find any issues, have an electrician fix the problem first.

Verify Equipment Works

Your electrical outlets are working well, your pool cover is away – what now? Verify that  all of your equipment, including pool cover rectractors, pumps, filters, and hoses, are in good working condition. Test them in the most natural conditions you can; if anything makes odd noises, puts out odors, or just plain doesn’t seem to work, call a pool company to come in for a deep maintenance session.

Inspect Ladders/Slides/Diving Boards

This step is also key because a faulty ladder or board can be extremely dangerous. Check connection points and inspect them carefully for cracks, instability, signs of mold infestation, and any other issues. If you find any problems, it’s often best to have someone come in and replace them. One small crack will eventually lead to full break down over time.

Test and Rebalance Your Pool Water

Your pool is set up, equipment is functioning, and it’s a beautiful day out there. Before you jump in, you have one more task: test and rebalance your pool. The exact instructions will depend on what kind of system you use, but nearly all systems will need chemical testing and top-ups at least once in spring (usually much more often).

Follow your manufacturer’s instructions for testing, or have Paradise Pools come in and get it prepped for you instead. The rest of the season is easier with simple, occasional management steps when you care for your pool right!


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