Trouble Shooting

FAQs about Swimming pool Remodeling and Maintenance
For your convenience, we have posted some frequently asked questions along with the answers to them.

Information will be added to this page as it is generated.  Please check back if you don’t see what you are looking for or please call us at 601-932-POOL (7665).


Pool Orientation Sheet provided to new pool owners.


Filter Questions:

Sand Filter Backwashing Instructions – Turn pump off. Rotate filter handle to “Backwash” position.  Turn pump on.  Allow pump to run for a minimum of 3 minutes or until water runs clear.  Turn pump off.  Rotate filter handle to “Rinse” position.  Turn pump on.  Allow pump to run for a minimum of 45 seconds or until water runs clear. Turn pump off.  Rotate filter handle to “Filter” position.  Turn pump on.

Cartridge Filter Cleaning Instructions – Turn pump off. Drain filter tank by removing drain plug.  Once tank is empty, reinstall drain plug and remove band around filter top and lift top from base.  Remove filter and wash all debris using power nozzle on garden hose.  Soak filter(s) in an appropriate cleaning solution overnight.  Rinse filter(s) and re-install in filter base.  Set filter top back into position.  Reattach band.  Turn pump on.


Maintenance Questions

How to vacuum your pool.

    • You will need your vacuum hose, vacuum pool and vacuum head. Place all items near your pool return (where the water is coming back to the pool).
      • Attach the pole to the vacuum head.
      • Fill the hose full of water. There are several methods for doing this.  One of the easiest is to put the entire hose in the water while holding on to both ends.  Then hold one end of the hose against the pool return.  Allow the hose to fill.
      • Then attach the one end of the hose to the vacuum head. Attach the other end in the skimmer suction port.
      • If you have multiple skimmers and/or main drains, turn pump valves closing off these suction ports. This will increase the suction to your vacuum head.  If there is too much suction, adjust accordingly.


Pool Area or Yard Maintenance That Affects Your Pool

  • Monitoring your drainage is important. Over time the landscape of your yard will change.  Never allow water to stand or puddle in or around the pool area.  If water is allowed to stand near the pool, it will soak into the ground and eventually make a path to your pool structure.  This can cause your liner to float or your pool to become unleveled.  Water drainage, ground movement, erosion, and other ground and water issues are NOT covered under warranty.
  • Keep ants away from equipment and liner. Ants love the warmth of the pump motor.  They will build nests around the pump causing your motor to burn up.  In addition, ants will build nest around the wall near the water’s edge.  These nests are underground and will push liner out of track.
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