Go Beyond Marco Polo

—Fun Games for Your Swimming Pool (for all ages)

There is a lot more to swimming pool games than Marco Polo. While it is certainly a fun classic, it does not work for all ages or levels of swimmers. Whether you are having a pool party or you are just looking to change up the games you and your family play, here are some fun pool games to try next time you are out in the water.

Unique, Fun Swimming Pool Games

  • Bumper Balls: Turn your swimming pool into a bumper ball arena. Use rope to section off the pool, and then have all active players go into that area. Each person gets a beach ball and the goal is to use their balls to bump into one another. You will want to push other players into the rope, and if a player touches the rope, they are out. Keep playing until just one bumper ball champion is left.
  • Floatie Races: This is perfect for new swimmers who have not quite learned how to swim without floaties – and it is still fun for those who can swim on their own. Each person gets a floatie – whether it is a ring, ball, board, etc. Then, everyone starts at one end of the pool and races to the other end. You can even turn this game into a relay race if you have enough people to create teams.
  • Treasure Toss: You will need a bag of pennies or coins for this game. Start by tossing them all into the pool. At the sound of a whistle, all the players can jump in and the person who retrieves the most “treasure” wins.
  • Water Frisbee: This one is a lot more challenging but a whole lot of fun. For this game you will need a Frisbee and two plastic laundry baskets. You can have as many players as you would like, but you will want to split players into even numbered teams. Each team has a laundry basket for their “goal” and they will be placed on opposite sides. Similar to basketball, each team needs to try to get their Frisbee into the goal on the opposite side of the swimming pool. The catch is that players must hold the Frisbee like a waiter with a tray (balancing it on their fingertips) and they cannot swim if they are in possession of the Frisbee. It can be thrown to pass it to other players, but it can never be grasped.
  • Hide the Balloons: This is great for little kids who need to stay at the shallow end of the pool where they can stand. Place 12 or more inflated balloons into the pool. When you say “go”, the players will compete to see who can grab and hold the most balloons under water, using their bodies, for 30 seconds.
    Swimming pools are all about having fun, regardless of your age or swimming expertise. Next time you are out of ideas for a pool game, try one of these fun, family-friendly games.

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