Why use Bromine?

spa_bromspa_shockMost spa owners like it better because of the benefits of it. Bromine is a chemical that is closely related to chlorine; however there are a few differences between them that make bromine a little more user friendly.

  • It lasts longer in higher temperatures
  • Bromine has fewer odors
  • It is also more gentle on skin, eyes and equipment
  • You can use fewer chemicals with Bromine
  • It’s easy to use!


Once in the water Bromine kills very similarly to chlorine, with one BIG exception. When chlorine kills it leaves behind a waste product (known as chloramines) which smell bad and must be burned off or oxidized. Where as bromine leaves behind no waste product, but instead its by-product (known as bromimines) continues to sanitize, have little to no odor and can be reactivated by means of a simple shock treatment.

The most popular form of Bromine used in the spa industry is bromine tablets, making this system very easy to use. Tablets are placed in a floating feeder usually inside the filter compartment.
So what does all of this mean for you? Simply put…More Time!!!

Using a Bromine System in your spa can be done in 2 easy steps.

Step 1 – Add Bromine Tablets to a floating feeder once a week.

Step 2 – Spa Shock to oxidize the contaminants that the Bromine has killed. This is usually added a couple hours before or immediately after use of the tub.

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