Fresh Water

The Freshwater system takes care of your spa the easy way with just 2 steps…


Step 1 – The Silver Ion Purifier

This reduces the need for chlorine by introducing silver ions into the spa water that inhibit bacteria growth. Insert the cartridge into the filter of you spa and the silver ions are released automatically – there’s no chance of over-dosing or under-dosing. All you have to do is replace the cartridge every 4 months.





Step 2 – You have 2 choices

MPS Oxidizer
This fast acting non-chlorine formula attacks bacteria cell walls to refresh and brighten your spa water. When used with the Silver Ion Purifier, the MPS helps activate the silver ions so they can do their job more quickly. The MPS Oxidizer is added to your spa in weekly or biweekly dosages.

Dosages depending on bather load.

**Combine this system with ozone and you can cut your chemical usage in half!!


chlorineChlorine (Dichlor)
This tested product sanitizes by killing bacteria and other contaminants quickly. It activates the Silver Ion Purifier and it best used with a heavy bather load.

**Combine this system with ozone and you can cut your chemical usage in half!!

Freshwater also offers other products to help with
Your spa care….


MPS TEST STRIPS – so you can test your water at home.

DEFOAMER – Quickly eliminates foaming from soap, shampoo, cleaners, and other residues.

SPA SHINE – Reactive silicone protects, waterproofs and seals spa shell to prevent fading and oxidation.

COVER SHIELD – Cleans, shines and protects the vinyl to keep it looking beautiful for the life of the spa cover.

CALCIUM HARDNESS INCREASER -Raises calcium levels in spa water to protect against soft water corrosion and staining.

PH/ALKALINITY UP & DOWN – Up prevents PH bounce and deterioration of spa surface and fittings from low alkalinity, while Down decreases water PH.

INSTANT FILTER CLEANER – Extend the life of your filters with this instant spray-on formula.

freshwater2With a Freshwater system working in your spa you’re guaranteed to have more time to enjoy. Less Chemicals, softer water, and purer water….what more could you ask from such a simple system?

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