Automatic Cleaners

Want that sparkling blue, clean and clear pool, but don’t have the time to spend vacuuming it all the time?? Sounds like you need an automatic pool cleaner! Just sit back, relax and let these guys do the job for you!!

Above Ground Pool Cleaners: Hayward Aqua Bug and Wanda the Whale
These cute critters provide you with hours of easy trouble free operation by cleaning and circulating your pool water. They work with your existing filtration system and send all collected debris to your pump basket.

So what’s unique about these little creatures?
They not only clean your pool but they also help circulate your pool water, kind of like a moving main drain pulling water from the bottom of the pool sending it to the pump and filter as it moves. It is also equipped with the patented Smart Drive Programmed Steering. This allows them to clean more thoroughly and quicker than random moving cleaners. After you see how effortlessly these guys keep your pool clean, they’ll become like a part of the family.

Inground Pool Cleaners: Hayward Shark Vac
The Shark Vac is the newest innovation to the Hayward family of Robotic Cleaners. The Shark Vac uses up to 94% less energy than most pressure cleaners, largely due to the fact that you do not have to have an extra pump to run it. The energy used by a standard light bulb is all that is needed to power this very unique cleaner.

What else makes this cleaner different??
The Quick Clean Technology that the Shark Vac employs will clean most inground pools in 60 mins or less. It calculates the size of the pool and programs itself for the most time and energy efficient cleaning path. On board the Shark Vac has two main cartridges and a debris tray, not only does this make for easy clean up for but it also serves as an extra filter agent in your pool. No more bags, no more booster pumps, no more expensive repairs….sounds like Paradise to us!

Hayward Tiger Shark
The Tiger Shark takes what the Shark Vac does to another level. Also a Robotic Cleaner, the Tiger Shark is very energy efficient, needing no extra pumps or equipment. This advanced portable cleaner brushes and scrubs while it vacuums reaching everywhere in your pool including bottoms, sides and step, even the tile line. It also features an easy to clean reinforced cartridge element which means no more bags!

The Tiger Shark calculates the size of the pool and programs itself into the most time and energy efficient pattern for a spotless pool. And now the Tiger Shark is available with a hand held wireless remote control for easy spot cleaning.

The Tiger Shark is also the first portable cleaner to feature a reinforced cartridge filter element, meaning better filtering for your pool. Clean up is easy with this patented cartridge system, just remove and rinse with a garden hose.

Sounds super easy to us!! Come in and check these out today!
Pentair Legend
The Legend pressure-side cleaner features a highly efficient booster pump (sold separately) for optimum power and unimpeded surface skimming, plus a large intake throat to handle large and small debris. Four wheel designs prevent tipping (common with 3 wheel cleaners) for uninterrupted and unattended performance.


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