Chlorine Shortage

Chlorine Shortage Update

Chlorine Shortage – Why? How will it last?


Yes, there is a chlorine shortage in the swimming pool industry.  Several factors have been responsible for this.  First, a manufacturing plant in Louisiana burned.  This plant was responsible for producing approximately 40% of all Tri-chlor/Di-chlor chlorine products for the United States.  At the date of this post, the plant in Louisiana has not been replaced or rebuilt.  Second, a storage facility in New Jersey burned.  This facility stored all the plastic containers for the chlorine products we and many other pool dealers sell.  Third, a resin plant in Houston was crippled by the ice storm of February 2021.  This plant supplied the raw materials for many plastics used throughout the United States, including the plastic used to make chlorine containers/buckets.

Finally, the pandemic that started in March of 2020 has had a significant affect on the pool industry’s ability to combat the issue mentioned above.  With other plants and facilities shutting down or working on limited staff during all of 2020, and further labor shortages and raw material shortages throughout 2021, the chlorine shortage will continue for most if not all of 2022.  Projections for 2023 are currently unreliable.  However, the outlook does appear to be somewhat positive.

All of this said, Paradise Pools and Spas of Pearl, MS currently have chlorine tablets and granular chlorine products.  Moreover, we anticipate being able to maintain this chlorine inventory for most, if not all, of 2022. 


What we have done:

We, along with our supply partners, have made a concerted effort to stay ahead of this supply crisis.  Multiple times each month, we actively strategize, plan and pre-arrange for shipments of chlorine products as soon as we are notified these will become available.

Still, products will be in limited supply.  In addition, be advised that not all products you have used in the past will be available.  Yet, we are committed to making sure you have what you need to keep you pool sanitary and safe for you family.


What you should do:

It is our recommendation that you visit Paradise Pools and Spas at your earliest convenience and purchase the chlorine products your pool will need for the entire season.  We will be happy to help you determine those needs.


Have a great summer and Happy Swimming!

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