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Transform Your Home with Caldera Spas

Your home should be your sanctuary: a place of relaxation, rejuvenation, and restoration when you return from a long day of work or play. Caldera Spas help you create a personal and private retreat from the world, a place to unwind, and a spa-like experience, and an experience worth savoring. From soothing jets to therapeutic water temperatures, Caldera makes every day amazing.

Caldera Spas: Affordable At-Home Luxury

Luxurious Caldera Spas create a stunning focal point on any patio or backyard greenspace. With exciting features like sculpted seating, ergonomically-correct backrests, soothing therapeutic jets, and easy-to-control water temperature settings, this remarkable brand lets you personalize your experience for optimal enjoyment.

Next-Level Comfort

Every Caldera spa is slightly different, but most models boast proprietary features to maximize comfort. This includes spacious shell design with footwells placed strategically to accommodate multiple people while maintaining personal space. Slip in alongside a sweetheart or just a few friends; you’ll remain comfortably in place, all while maintaining personal space.

Hydrotherapy for Soothing Muscle Relief

Whether you work hard to play hard, your Caldera Spa is there for you the moment you return. Soothing hydrotherapy jets channel warm water around your body, gently massaging out knots and relieving inflammation. You exit feeling more relaxed, at peace, and more free of muscle tension, letting you recover from everyday life and potentially, sleep better, too.

Unique Health Benefits

Research also shows that hydrotherapy may have other health benefits, like improved circulation, a reduction in pain due to chronic musculoskeletal conditions, and lower levels of stress hormones. Some studies also show evidence that spending time in a spa regularly may improve the body’s natural ability to detoxify itself (via improved circulation). Spending just a few minutes per day or week in your Caldera Spa may also help you live your best life – and be well, too.
Reliable and Rugged

Caldera Spas look fashionable, expensive and indulgent. Optional features like waterfalls, in-shell lighting, and neck, shoulder and middle back massage jets make this brand a shining example of perfection.

We’re proud to share that, when properly maintained, Caldera Spas are also reliable, rugged, and built to last. You should expect your spa to last for years if cared for correctly. Most models need only minimal maintenance at regular intervals.

Life can be stressful. Let a new Caldera Spa slowly massage away that stress, helping you feel better and reconnect. You deserve it!

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