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Finally….Refreshingly Simple Pool Care!!!!
With so many pool care systems available, we want to help you find the perfect one for YOU!!!


Multi-Purpose 3-Step System
This program uses your basic chlorine components, but with a bit of a twist. Multi-Purpose Tablets contain both a strong killing algaecide and an excellent clarifier that make even the most stubborn pools clear and algae free. They are also sun protected for longer chlorine life. When combining Rapid Shock, Pool Plus, and the Multi-Purpose Tablets you make a powerful system especially against re-occurring algae. Pool Plus is used to add sparkle and protect your pool equipment and surfaces from stains, scale and colored water by preventing the precipitation of minerals in your pool. The Rapid Shock quickly oxidizes and destroys any and all bacteria and algae cells that have been killed and left behind by the Multi-Purpose Tablets. With a Multi-Purpose system running in your pool even the most stubborn, problem filled pool can become more fun…less work! This system is also stand alone, however it too can be combined with ozone for an even better program.


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Baquacil/CDX – Totally Chlorine-Free Pool Care
The Baquacil/CDX Pool Care System is a complete stand alone pool sanitizing system. It consists of three products: chlorine-free Baquacil Sanitizer & Algistat, Baquacil Oxidizer, and the BRAND NEW CDX. [NO MORE WATER MOLD. PROBLEM SOLVED. CDX extends the life of your shock thus getting rid of the stubborn water mold with which so many pools have struggled.] This system is the safest, most gentle system on the market today. The active killing ingredient in Baquacil is a biguanide. It’s so gentle that it’s used in contact lens cleaning solutions but strong enough that it’s used in surgical equipment cleaning processes.

Baquacil is gentle on eyes, skin, hair and even swimsuits and pool liners. Using a PHMB molecule, its chemical structure is extremely stable, not being affected by sunlight, temperature or PH fluctuations like other sanitizers can be. You can have peace of mind knowing you have dependable, more consistent bacteria control. In addition, you can have more time in the water with your family because you only dose your pool once per week by simply pouring in the liquid products. The chlorine-free, care-free benefits of the Baquacil/CDX system have never been more convenient.


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Pool Frog
Pool Frog Systems are designed to make taking care of your pool easier than it’s ever been. By adding together the benefits of mineral systems and the dependability of chlorine, you achieve the ultimate pool care system. With frog minerals working in your pool you can reduce your use of chlorine by up to 50%! You can also reduce the irritations associated with chlorine such as, red stinging eyes, dry itchy skin and faded swimsuits while enjoying crystal clear, soft water. The convenience of a Frog System never ends!! This system can also be combined with salt or ozone for even more convenience!


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Salt Systems
Salt Systems have been the rave of the industry for the past few years. However, they have also been a bit problematic due to misinformation that has created confusion among consumers. That problem stops here! We can help you choose the right system and give you the correct information to make your pool more fun….less work. After a lot of research and tests, we found two salt systems that we think give you best quality and performance. Using either of these systems, you will be swimming in softer, silkier water that doesn’t irritate eyes, skin or fade swimsuits as easily as a standard chlorine system. However, more is needed that just the salt generator, and that’s where the confusion has been created. (For more info about this, click the below “salt systems” link.) We’ll work hard to educate you on the how to make your salt system last for years and give you the dependable service that you expect. As mentioned these systems can be combined with Frog, Ozone and even Proteam to provide even more protection and convenience.

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