In Store Service

We offer a number of in-store services designed to help make caring for your swimming pools and spas easier.

Free Water Testing

Testing your pool water regularly is VERY important. We recommend that you bring us a water sample at least once every month. If you do, you will save money in three distinct ways.

1 – Day-to-day Chemical Consumption – When water is not properly balanced, most sanitizers do not work well, either becoming sluggish (working to slow) or over active (gassing off to quickly). In either condition sanitizers are not properly killing bacteria and other contaminants in your pool thus causing you to use more chemicals, and thus more money, to accomplish the same task.

2 – Avoiding Cloudy/Green Pools – Many times, cloudy, green pool water is not simply due to the sanitizer running out, but due to the water being out of balance and thus the sanitizer not working properly. And when the sanitizer is not working properly, algae and bacteria can take over a pool quickly. To avoid problems like this, regular water samples are needed to make sure that the water is balanced and that the sanitizer can perform at their optimum level.

3 – Long-Term Maintenance – When your water is kept in proper balance your pool surface (i.e. your vinyl liner, plaster, fiberglass, etc.) and pool equipment will age better and last longer. For example, many customers have found that vinyl liners can last as few as 3 to 4 years if no calcium is put in their pool water. Whereas with calcium being added to pool water, vinyl liners last an average of 10 to 12 years….BIG SAVINGS!!! Similar savings are seen across the board with all pools types! Plaster pools become etched and begin to chalk. Fiberglass pools can blister and crack. And repairs can mount, becoming very expensive.

Therefore, bring in a water sample regularly. We will assist you in keeping your water in balance and help you develop a reliable schedule that will ensure that your pool or spa remains clean, clear, and ready for you and your family when you are ready for it. You’ll save chemicals, save money and have more fun…..less work!!

In-Store Repairs

Pool Cleaners – Save the service call fees and bring your pool cleaner to us. We’ll fix it up right here in-store. We fix all kinds, including Kreepy Krauly, Legend, Polaris and many others.


Pump Repairs – The same is true with Pumps. Seals, impellers, o-rings, gaskets, motor replacements – we can do it all right here in the store.


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