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Publication date : Monday, October 27th, 2014

How to Winterize Above Ground Pools

You enjoy your above ground pool all summer long. You have had friends and family over to swim, hosted birthday parties, and you rely on your pool to cool you off during those hot summer days. But, if you do not winterize your pool, it may not be so accommodating next summer. Even in a region where winter is not very cold, like here in Mississippi – you still have a few winterization tasks to perform. By doing so, you can protect your equipment and ensure your above ground pool is ready for use when the weather warms up once again.

Why Winterize?

While you may think winterizing is only for freezing climates, warmer regions do need winter-specific pool care too. Not winterizing your pool could result in algae infested water which could damage your lining, pool equipment and require an expensive, professional cleaning to reverse the problem.

How to Winterize Above Ground Pools

  • Check Water Chemistry – Check your pH levels, total alkalinity and calcium hardness using at-home testing strips. Balancing the water chemistry protects the water from staining and etching the surface. Also, it can help keep the water clear even while it is not in use.
  • Remove Items You Do Not Need – Swimming pool toys, ladders, mats and steps should be removed for the winter. This will prevent them from rusting or aiding in algae growth. Clean them thoroughly and store them in a dry, secure place.
  • Inspect – Winter is the perfect time to drain your filter, pump, gaskets and hoses for inspection. This will give you ample time to replace any broken or worn out parts. Look for any signs of wear and tear and replace any items that need changing.
  • Run Your Pool Periodically – Above ground pools in warm winter regions should be run periodically throughout the season to cycle water and chemicals. This prevents the water from turning green with algae.
  • Cover Your Pool – Cover your above ground pool according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Use a solid cover that keeps out sunlight and debris. Most likely, your cover will require anchors and pillows. Do not skip any steps recommended by the manufacturer – these are provided to protect your pool and ensure a longer lifetime.

Get Assistance with Winterizing

If you do not have the time to adequately winterize your above ground pool, hire a professional to do it for you. Paradise Pools offers maintenance contracts for in-ground and above ground pools that include a winterizing service. Or feel free to bring in a water sample from your pool and let our team give you some advice on how to do the job yourself.

Get more tips for winterizing your above ground pool by contacting the team at Paradise Pools today. You can call us with your questions or hire us for your pool maintenance, Dial 601-932-POOL.

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