What Causes the Chlorine Smell in My Pool & How Do I Get Rid of It?

Publication date : Friday, January 15th, 2021

A common question we hear from pool owners is, “Why does my pool always smell like chlorine?” Now, we’re not talking about a light scent of chlorine but that nasty smell that can burn your nose and sting your eyes. In fact, chlorine can irritate the nasal passages and sinus membranes, leading to headaches. 

What might surprise you is that it’s not the chlorine you’re smelling but chloramines. Chloramines are chemical compounds that occur when chlorine disinfectants combine with organic compounds like sweat, skin cells and urine. 

Let’s learn more about how this process works, why it produces such a strong smell and ways to get rid of chloramines. 

Why Does My Swimming Pool Smell Like Chlorine? 

When you add chlorine to your swimming pool, it releases two active chemicals to kill bacteria – hypochlorous acid and hypochlorite ion. These chemicals combine to form free available chlorine (FAC). Now they are readily available to react to bacteria in the water. 

Maintaining proper FAC levels keeps your pool water safe and sanitary. However, when there are too many contaminants in the water and FAC levels drop, chloramines are formed. This is what gives pools their infamous “pool smell.” They’re also the main cause of skin and eye irritation. 

Bottom line: Chloramines are the real troublemakers in swimming pools – not the chlorine itself. 

How Can I Make My Inground Pool in Mississippi Smell Better? 

Fortunately, there are ways to deal with chloramines. When you do, you can enjoy a better smelling pool that allows you to spend more time swimming! Here are the tips we suggest: 

  • Add more chlorine. By shocking the pool with extra chlorine once a week, you will remove ammonia and other contaminants and raise your pool’s FAC level. This will reduce chloramines and improve water quality. 
  • Use a secondary sanitizer. Another way to lower chloramine levels is by adding a secondary sanitizer. This additional sanitizing power lowers the amount of chlorine you need to use and protects against viruses and bacteria.
  • Properly maintain your water chemistry. Most importantly, test your water regularly and make sure it’s properly balanced. Maintaining your water is still the best way to keep it smelling good and feeling fresh. 

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