Tips for Planning Your Poolscape

Publication date : Thursday, July 10th, 2014

No pool is complete without plants and flowers around it – something called poolscaping. Poolscaping deserves careful consideration, as you can’t plant just anything by your swimming pool. Some people start off planting the flowers they love, only to find that they make a huge mess. Other plants grow fast and have invasive root systems, and that won’t be a good thing, either.

Let’s take a look at some helpful tips for planning your practical and beautiful poolscape!

Stay away from plants that will make pool maintenance more complicated.

Fruit- and flower-bearing trees may have a tropical look to them, but they are also prone to shedding their leaves, needles or fruits. Not only can these be painful or messy to step on, but they can also fall into your pool, leaving you with more work. Also pay attention to plants that have thorns or spines, such as rose bushes. No one would want to land on that bush!

Be mindful of growing root systems.

As trees and plants start to grow, their root system can damage the structure around the pool, including the plumbing system. The most common trees that do this include elm and oak trees. Do your research in advance, and choose plants and trees that have slow-growing root systems. Also when you do plant, follow the recommendations for how far away the tree should be planted from a structure.

Don’t pick flowers that attract bees. Instead, choose ones that repel pests.

You don’t want to attract too many bees, as you want your swimmers to feel comfortable when getting in and out of the pool. Some of the biggest bee magnets include wisteria, sweet clovers and cosmos. The better option is to choose plants that actually repel pests, such as marigolds, lemon balm and thyme that have been shown to reduce mosquito numbers.

If you’re low on time or space, consider container plants.

Many pool owners choose to plant flowers and plants in containers instead of in the ground. This is an especially great idea if you have a lot of hardscaping around the pool. You can easily plant the flowers of your choice and move them around until you have a system that works. Also, with this approach, you’re not tied down to anything permanent. So, if you discover that a particular flower causes more headache than you expected, you can move it away from the pool.

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