Are You a Good Candidate for Pool Ownership?

Publication date : Monday, October 30th, 2017

Now that another summer is in the books, many families use this time to reflect on all the fun they had. Some of the best summer memories come from swimming, whether it be at a public pool, a friend’s backyard or the beach. Swimming is a healthy, fun activity that appeals to all ages and physical strengths.

The only downside to hanging out at the pool is that it requires a lot of work. Packing sunscreen and towels. Preparing snacks and bottles of water. Using public restrooms. If you have a family that loves swimming, you may have considered installing a pool of your own.  This way, you don’t have to worry about any of this. Your family will have a pool that is always ready for some fun!

At Paradise Pools, we love when homeowners make the decision to install a swimming pool because we know they will be satisfied. But, a lot goes into maintaining a backyard spa. Pools are not for everyone, no matter how appealing they are. The good news is that we can help you out with the pool maintenance.

Are you a good candidate for pool ownership? Let’s find out!

Great Reasons to Become a Pool Owner

One of the best parts about being a pool owner is that your home becomes a central place for friends and family. If you’re a social butterfly or want to keep your growing children home for longer, a pool offers hours of fun and entertainment.

Another benefit to having a backyard pool is that you make the rules. You keep the water clean and safe. There’s no hassle with packing water toys, snacks and towels. Just head outdoors and your backyard oasis is there to welcome you.

Additional reasons for owning a swimming pool include exercise and stress relief. Swimming is an effective way to increase heart and lung capacity, lower blood pressure and relieve chronic pain. You can also lead an overall more active lifestyle by fitting in regular exercise – and so can the kids!

Are You Ready to be a Pool Owner?

Pool ownership includes a lot of responsibility. Built-in pools require weekly maintenance and upkeep. There are outgoing costs for chemicals, accessories, maintenance, utility bills and increased insurance rates. Also, some people think that installing a pool increases the home’s value, but this all depends on where you live.

Some questions to ask yourself are:

  • Can you afford a pool? (This includes installation and monthly costs.)


  • Do you have the time to properly care for the pool?


  • Do you plan on using the pool for the long term or will it be something exciting for the first year or two?


  • Does your family enjoy swimming but dislike public facilities?


  • Are you comfortable having friends and family at your home?

If you decide that becoming a pool owner is right for you, call Paradise Pools and discover why building a pool in the winter is most affordable and convenient!

Why Swim Lessons are Important

Publication date : Sunday, April 30th, 2017

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Summer is right around the corner – and you know what that means – it’s swimming season! Whether you’re about to open your backyard pool, or you’re planning on spending time at the pool in your community, it’s important that you and your child know how to swim. It’s not enough for kids to just feel comfortable in the water. Having the skills to swim is vital.  

According to the CDC, 37% of American adults cannot swim. From 2004-2014, there was an average of 3,536 fatalities from drownings in the United States (non-boat related). Drowning ranks fifth among the leading causes of unintentional injury. Learning to swim isn’t just a childhood activity; it’s an essential life skill that can save the life of you or your child one day.

Let’s discuss the many benefits to knowing how to swim and why you may want to enroll in swim lessons before the summer starts!

Swim with Confidence

For beginning swimmers, swim lessons focus on getting comfortable in the water. Many children are afraid to get their faces wet, and some will go into complete panic if they fall into the water. Exposing your child to the water will tame some of these fears, but it’s not until they develop the appropriate skills that they can truly build confidence.

Get More from Your Workouts

Swimming is one of the best cardio activities around, and it can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities. In order to get the full benefits from swimming, you must know how to use all parts of your body: arms, legs, core, etc. Standing around and floating isn’t going to give you the health benefits you’re looking for – though it’s still better than sitting on the couch!

Long-Lasting Skill

Being in the water is something that many people enjoy long into their adult and older adult years. Whether it’s boating, water skiing, fishing or relaxing on the pontoon, many people feel connected to nature when they’re by the water. Learning how to swim is a skill that can be enjoyed for the rest of your life – there’s no expiration date. As a low-impact workout, swimming is a safe alternative for older adults compared to biking or running.

Develop Teamwork and Individuality

Most sports focus on working together as a team. Teamwork teaches us to support one another, solve conflict and blend together strengths. Yet unlike other sports, swimming also has an individual component to it. You’re always trying to improve your skills, beat your best times and crush your personal records, so it’s a sport that rewards you both socially and mentally.

As you can see, knowing how to swim – not just doggy paddle or float – is an incredible skill for both kids and adults. Before the summer starts, consider enrolling in swim lessons to improve your skills and have the utmost confidence and control near the water.