How to Keep Your Pool Water Warm this Fall Season

Publication date : Tuesday, September 10th, 2019

When you live in a warm climate like Mississippi, you get to enjoy your swimming pool through the fall season. This is great news, considering other parts of the country close their pools around Labor Day. Not us! We get to swim long into the fall season. But, even though the temperatures stay warm, it’s not always warm enough to keep water temperatures comfortable.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to keep your pool water warm this fall season. If your family enjoys keeping the pool open, these small investments will be worth it. 

Gas Heaters 

Gas heaters are a practical solution for keeping your pool water comfortable on cooler days. They heat the water within minutes and continue to keep it warm while you’re swimming. You can even use gas heaters at night for a relaxing swim under the stars. 

While gas heaters are convenient and effective, they are also the most expensive option. If you do decide to go this route, choose an energy-efficient model that will save money on your electric bills. 

Heat Pumps 

Heat pumps do a great job of maintaining a consistent water temperature, and they use far less energy than a gas heater. While gas heaters create their own heat using gas or propane, heat pumps utilize heat from the surrounding air to keep your pool warm. 

Not all climates benefit from a heat pump, but the warm Mississippi climate does. Heat pumps function best in 50 degrees and up, so you can use your pump throughout the fall without having any problems. We usually don’t see 50-degree temps till the winter. 

Solar Blankets 

Another option is to use a solar blanket. Solar blankets are similar to pool covers, except they use rays from the sun to capture heat. The solar blanket then stores the heat using its insulation. Also, you won’t lose pool water due to evaporation. Bonus! 

Solar blankets may not have the power that a gas heater or heat pump does, but they work well for some families. For example, if you’re on a budget and only looking to raise your pool water about 15 degrees, a solar blanket will meet your needs. 

Solar Rings 

If you don’t like the idea of using a large solar blanket, consider a solar ring instead. Solar rings serve the same purpose as solar blankets, except they are tossed directly into the pool. This is a fast and simple solution for oddly shaped pools. 

Once in the pool, the rings capture the sun’s rays and turn them into heat to warm your pool water. Use the rings on days when you want to swim. They’re budget friendly and easy to store. 

These are a few options you have when extending your swimming pool through the fall months. As the temps dip and the nights get cooler, you may find yourself in need of a practical warming solution.


5 Great Reasons to Update Your Swimming Pool

Publication date : Thursday, May 24th, 2018

Swimming pools are incredible investments. Who knew that one home improvement project could provide exercise, strengthen family ties and teach kids essential life skills? Over time, however, swimming pools require updates to keep them in good working condition and looking their best. Luckily, many updates can be made quickly, extending the swim season rather than taking from it.

Here are five great reasons to update your swimming pool and the benefits to expect.

1. Improve Appearance

Usually, the main motivator for updating a swimming pool is to improve its appearance. Backyard pools get worn down over the years. If you don’t provide them with maintenance, they end up becoming eyesores. Call out a pool company like Paradise Pools to get suggestions on what can be done to brighten up your space. It’s possible that a new vinyl liner, freshly cleaned tile or pool deck refinishing will do the trick.

2. Add New Features

Maybe your swimming pool still looks great but the kids are becoming bored with swimming laps. Why not refresh your backyard oasis with a few new features for everyone to enjoy? Some of our favorites include diving boards and water slides, relaxing lounge spaces or stone and water features such as waterfalls and rock scapes.

3. Increase Efficiency

Pool equipment continues to get more efficient thanks to advanced technology. By taking advantage of this equipment, you can lower your electric bills and conserve water. Usually, the first things to replace are the pool heater and filtration system. But, there are many other hidden ways to boost efficiency, such as by investing in LED lighting, variable speed pumps, heat pumps, solar covers and robotic cleaners.

4. Upgrade Safety

How safe is your swimming pool? Kids grow every year, so it’s important to address all potential safety concerns. For example, you may feel better knowing that you don’t have toddlers running around, but are your school-age children able to swim? What about their friends? An upgrade allows you to address safety issues and fix them with underwater stairs, pool ladders, non-slip surfaces, fencing and alarms.

5. Allow Night Swimming

Has your family been asking to swim at night? Night swimming is a blast, and it opens up the opportunity to watch the night sky. If you don’t have the proper lighting installed, swimming in the dark is not practical or safe. Fortunately, a refresh allows you to install new lighting in and around your pool. Aim for LED lighting that uses 75% less wattage compared to incandescent bulbs.

If your swimming pool seems to be lacking, call Paradise Pools for a free evaluation. We can address areas of concern and update your pool for a more active and social summer season!


Pool Trends for 2016

Publication date : Saturday, February 20th, 2016

Who’s excited for a brand new pool season? We sure are! As you get yourself ready for the spring season, it’s helpful to know what the latest pool trends are. They may inspire you to do something different with your own pool!


Let’s get started with some of the newest pool trends for 2016.


Infinity Pools


Infinity pools feature a vanishing edge that make them look they go on forever. Infinity pools are visually stunning, and the one edge blends in with the horizon, giving it a truly unique look. The construction is on the more sophisticated side, and the pools are designed to complement a higher-end landscape. If you do choose to build an infinity pool, make sure you hire an experienced installer, as these pools require special construction, hydraulics and plumbing.


Natural Pools


Natural pools are all about nature! They do an excellent job of bringing in elements of nature so that they look as natural as possible. You may see a natural pool that is surrounded with plants, stones, rocks or shallow water. These pools operate differently than a regular pool, too. They use plants to filter out the water and keep it clean rather than a filtration system.


Backyard Spas


Spas are popular places to be after a long week at work, but why pay the high price when you can simply enjoy one in your own backyard? That’s the thought that more homeowners have when looking to upgrade their yard. Attached spas are a nice addition to a backyard that is already filled with the latest features. You can opt for a simple hot tub or an elevated spa with a zero edge overflow. Beautiful!


Custom Decks


Pools can only look as good as their surroundings, which is why you may want to consider giving your deck a facelift. It used to be standard to have a wooden deck surrounding an above-ground pool, or concrete around a built-in pool. But today’s decks are taking on a completely new look that is out of this world. Travertine tiles, for instance, are a great alternative because they are gorgeous, slip-resistant and durable. Plus, they tend to stay warmer in cooler temps, and vice versa. This is a great feature for those who plan to swim in the off seasons.


Looking to do something new with your swimming pool? Give Paradise Pools a call and get the expert advice you’re looking for!