The Ultimate Graduation Pool Party. Here’s How to Do It.

Publication date : Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

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One nice thing about summer is the many excuses to throw a pool party! Everyone loves sitting by the poolside, listening to music and grilling out. The kids are kept busy – and in one place – and everyone gets a chance to soak up some Vitamin D. Not to mention, pool parties can’t be thrown at any time of the year, so it makes these occasions more memorable.

If you have a graduation planned this month, why not incorporate some pool fun? We’ve brought you some of our best tips for planning the ultimate graduation pool party that your guests will be talking about for years to come!

Spread the Word – with Beach Balls!

These days, more people are sending out invitations through text or email, but there is no substitute to receiving something tangible in the mailbox. With that said, try beach ball invitations! Write all of the details of your graduation party on the deflated ball in Sharpie. Mail it off to your recipients. When they inflate the beach ball, they can read the details and have a cool new toy!

Decorate in Style 

Graduations usually don’t have a theme, other than the year of the celebration. This gives you creative freedom to decorate any way you want. You can look on Pinterest for ideas or use your best judgement. Don’t forget to incorporate the school colors – high school or college – into your work! Some of our favorite party decorations include:

  • Door wreath made from pool noodles
  • Year “2017” made out of Hawaiian leis
  • Balloons placed in the water
  • Inflatable bar in the pool
  • Paper lanterns hanging above the pool
  • Graduation caps with your child’s picture

Serve Up Great Food and Drinks 

Display drinks in an inflatable pool or kiddie pool. You can also fill up pitchers of colored juices to add more color to your drink bar. As for food, you can grill out with the traditional hamburgers and hot dogs. Or, try something new and exciting such as by setting up stations for your guests to enjoy. For example, you can have a Popcorn Bar, Cupcake Bar and S’mores Bar. Stock with them with all the essentials so that guests can serve themselves. Another popular idea is to hire a food truck or taco caterer.

Play Some Pool Games 

Ditch the traditional volleyball net and make a splash with pool games. They don’t have to be anything formal, but you can provide the essentials so that guests can play on their own. Check out our full list of pool party game ideas to get started! For those who want to play games outside the pool, set up classic favorites such as Lawn Twister or Jumbo Jenga. Instructions for these games can be found online.

Send Guests Home with Something Special 

Nothing will replace the memories that your guests will have, but there’s nothing wrong with sending guests home with a memento. Personalized sunglasses, beach towels and bubbles are all great ideas that can be ordered online. To save money, buy them in bulk. You can also do something more simple such as prepackaged cookies, water bottles or candy bars that are wrapped in a personalized sleeve saying “2017” and your graduate’s name.

We hope that these ideas have inspired you to throw an amazing, out-of-this-world pool party! For more party ideas, visit the Owner’s Corner tab on our website. We have party ideas, recipes and more to make your celebration a success!