Benefits of Hiring a Pro for Swimming Pool Service in Jackson

Publication date : Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

Your swimming pool is your personal retreat. It gives you a place to relax and also get some exercise into your hectic schedule. A focal point for entertainment with its main purpose to provide fun for all ages, you don’t have to worry about being creative when you have friends and family over to visit. Maintenance on a pool, however, is usually the most challenging part for pool owners. While some people are more than happy to tackle it on their own, others turn to professionals for swimming pool service in Jackson.

What Does a Professional Do?

A pool maintenance and service professional performs several tasks to not only prepare your pool for the season, but keep it in good condition throughout the season. Some of the key items that will be taken care of for you include:

  • Cleaning filters and checking pumps
  • Changing the sand in the pool filter
  • Inspecting and maintaining pool heaters
  • Replacing or maintaining vinyl pool liners
  • Servicing diving boards and other pool equipment
  • Looking for leaks and repairing
  • Repair or install pool cleaners
  • Plastering the interior of your swimming pool
  • Applying new tile accents

Also, the same service company may be able to provide you with regular, weekly maintenance to help keep your chemical levels accurate, your swimming pool sparkling clean, and do regular checks to catch the signs of wear and fix them before they become costly repairs.

How Much Will Professional Swimming Pool Service in Jackson Cost?

The cost of these services depends on a variety of factors. The only way to get an accurate estimate is to call and get a quote from a service provider. The main factors that will influence the pricing of your pool service include:

  • Size – The size of your swimming pool will matter. If you have a large pool, the maintenance costs will be higher, because more chemicals are required to maintain the pool’s pH level and there is a larger area to check and keep clean.
  • Usage – A pool that is used heavily may require more frequent maintenance than a swimming pool that is only used every other weekend or for the occasional dip.
  • Location – If your swimming pool is located next to trees or wooded areas, you will get much more debris that must be cleared out than if it is in an open space.

Call the Experts at Paradise Pools Today

Paradise Pools offers year-round swimming pool service in Jackson. Whether you need repairs or a diagnostic for your swimming pool, we can help. In addition, we offer weekly, monthly and quarterly service agreements to suit your pool’s maintenance needs. Give us a call at 601-932-POOL or request assistance using our online form.

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