Ready for Spring? Do Not Forget the Essential Steps in Swimming Pool Maintenance

Publication date : Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

While the temperatures may be all over the place these days, spring will be here before you know it. An essential part of your spring cleaning routine is swimming pool maintenance. Getting your pool ready for the season requires more than just pulling off the cover and flipping the pump on. In fact, there are a few important steps you will need to follow.

Key Steps for Swimming Pool Maintenance

The weather should start to warm up in the next couple of weeks, which means you will need to stock up on the pool chemicals so you are ready to perform maintenance. When it is time, do not forget these steps:

  • Clear debris before taking off the cover. You can hose it down then slowly remove it – this will prevent the leaves, dirt and grime from falling into the water. Also, let the pool cover dry (off the pool) before rolling it up; that way it does not gather mold while it sits there all season.
  • Test the pool water to make sure your pH balance is right. You should have a pH level of 7.2 to 7.6 parts per million and your chlorine should measure at 1 to 3 parts per million.
  • Shock your swimming pool. After sitting unused for so many months, you will most likely need to shock it with a large volume of chlorine. This will remove the algae and bacteria that grew during the winter.
  • Even if your pool pump and filter were working well last year, something could have gone wrong. Check and test the pump and replace or clean the filter

Call Paradise Pools – Your Swimming Pool Maintenance Experts

Whether you need to purchase new chemicals or you are not sure which shock treatment is right for you, the experts at Paradise Pools can help. Do you have limited time to do swimming pool maintenance on your own? Paradise Pools offers maintenance packages that can help get your pool ready for spring as well as keep it clean all season long.

Call us at 601-932-7665 to learn more about our swimming pool maintenance

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