An Overview of Some Current Trends in Hot Tub Design

Publication date : Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

Few things are better for beating stress than taking a dip in your own private hot tub. If you do not have a hot tub, buying one is an excellent investment in your physical and mental well-being. Check out the information below to learn about the current trends in hot tub design.

Targeted Jets
Massaging jets for the back have been a common hot tub feature for years. Recently, however, it’s been more common to find hot tubs with jets that target other muscles, such as those in the calves, neck, and wrists. To cater to different body types and needs, today’s hot tubs come with several seating and jet options.

Surround Sound
The sound of moving water is very calming. Many of today’s new hot tubs take full advantage of this, offering built-in waterfalls and other moving water features. If you prefer to listen to music, some hot tubs come with amplifiers built into the hot tub casing and weather-resistant CD/FM/AM players.

Ambient Lighting
To engage your visual senses, today’s hot tubs are often equipped with illuminated water arcs, backlit falls, and color-changing lights. Many new hot tubs also come with practical lighting such as automatic lights that illuminate the edges and steps of the hot tub. If you want to enjoy using your hot tub at night, these are great features to have.

Natural-Looking Finishes
Today’s hot tubs are more durable than ever before. Granite- and wood-like finishes maintain their luster through years of exposure to sunlight and moisture. Many new hot tubs are equipped with a stain-resistant finish, so that crayons, lipstick, and other household products do not ruin the look of the tub.
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