Inground Pools: Why Vinyl Liner Pools Come Out on Top

Publication date : Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

When choosing a type of inground pool, there are three main styles to select from: concrete, fiberglass or vinyl. Each pool type has its advantages, but one comes out on top: vinyl liner pools. Let’s take a quick look at the differences between the three types of pools and why a vinyl pool may be the best option for you.

Concrete or Gunite Pools

Concrete pools offer a lot of flexibility since they can be built in any shape. If you have an awkward shaped yard or a small space for the pool to fit, concrete is the better option because of its versatility. You also have a lot of choices when it comes to customizing your pool such as custom entries, in-water benches and tables and swim-up bars. That is, of course, if your budget allows.

The downside to concrete pools is that they are the most expensive to maintain. Any type of remodeling comes at a high price, and you can expect that re-plastering will be needed every 10-15 years. On average, replastering costs 2-3 times more than a vinyl liner replacement.

Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools are fast and easy to install since they come in pre-formed, pre-finished pieces. While there isn’t as extensive as a selection of pool choices compared to concrete, you still get a nice assortment of styles and shapes to fit your lifestyle, including various textures and colors. And with such a smooth surface, fiberglass pools tend to have far less algae growth than other pool types, which means less cleaning and pool chemicals for you!

Fiberglass pools are a good option, and they do cost about the same to maintain as a vinyl pool. Plus, remodeling is very inexpensive, especially if you choose a high-quality fiberglass pool that ages well. The biggest drawback to fiberglass pools, particularly in our area, is that they are most expensive to build.

Vinyl Liner Pools

So what makes vinyl liner pools a great option? Like fiberglass pools, vinyl pools are pre-engineered and available in dozens of shapes, sizes, colors and patterns. You can go with a classic design or something super curvy. Vinyl pools are the least expensive to install and the least expensive to maintain. Plus, if a remodel needs to be done, the cost is minimal compared to other pool types. You can expect to replace the liner every 7-10 years.

Not only are vinyl liner pools economical, but also they are durable and long lasting. If you’re thinking about having a pool installed, you can have a vinyl liner type installed in about three weeks. Imagine having a brand new swimming pool by summertime – it’s possible!

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