Hosting the Best Pool Party on the Block

Publication date : Monday, June 9th, 2014

If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, you might as well put your investment to good use! Hosting a pool party is the best way to do this, as you can be certain that your pool will be enjoyed, and you can make new friends in the process – or at least get to know your neighbors! Pool parties can be handled with success, even if you’re not used to hosting get togethers. Here are some tips for hosting a pool party that everyone will be talking about long after.

Send Out a Casual Invite

No need to send out formal invites for the party. Instead, send out a causal invite via email, social media or text. This sets the tone for a laidback party where people can come at their leisure and enjoy some time in the sun.

Provide the Essentials

Instead of spending money on decorations that aren’t necessary, make sure you have the essentials on hand for guests. A few bottles of sunscreen, a basket of swim towels, magazines and other swim accessories like goggles and swim caps is a nice gesture. Most people will bring their own stuff, but it doesn’t hurt to have the essentials available.

Set Up Snack Stations

Serving snacks is a great touch to a pool party, so try arranging several stations or tables so that guests aren’t limited to one area. Choose finger foods that are easy to eat outdoors, such as small sandwiches, fruit and veggies. Light foods are best since you don’t want your swimmers to feel weighed down!

Mix Fun Cocktails

Pick a few summer cocktails to feature, such as margaritas or sangria. You may also offer tubs of beer and wine coolers. Don’t forget to have bottled water and mocktails for non-drinkers, as well as juice boxes for the kids if you plan on inviting them.

Add Background Music

To set the tone of your pool party, play music in the background. An evening swim may be accompanied by classical or jazz music, while a neighborhood affair may include upbeat pop music. You can even create your own summer playlist using popular summer and beach songs.

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