DIY or Professional Pool Care?

Publication date : Monday, November 23rd, 2015

A swimming pool is a beautiful addition to the home, but it also comes with its fair share of maintenance. If you’ve been finding the weekly demands of caring for your pool to be a bit much lately, you may be curious as to what a professional pool maintenance company can do for you. Now that we’re headed into the winter and your pool needs less maintenance, it’s a good time to weigh the pros and cons to DIY pool care or hiring a professional service.

Let’s take a look at some of the things you can expect with DIY and professional pool maintenance.

DIY Pool Maintenance

If you have the time and enjoy taking care of your swimming pool, then DIY maintenance may be fine for you. You can expect, on average, to spend about 3 hours cleaning your pool each month and 2 hours balancing the chemicals in the water. That’s about 5 hours a month on pool care. If you have that time in your schedule and enjoy this sort of thing, you’re a good candidate for self care.

You may also appreciate the control you have in caring for your own pool. You’re not leaving anything to someone else, and few people will give your pool as good as attention as you will. You may also find the tasks of cleaning your pool to be therapeutic, and each member in the family may have a job to take care of.

Professional Pool Maintenance

If you’re not sure that DIY pool care is for you, there is the option of hiring a professional company. One of the benefits you’ll see right away is more time in your schedule to actually enjoy your swimming pool. Those 5-6 hours of pool care that would be coming out of your time will be picked up by the pool company. Just make sure that you know what is included in the package. A comprehensive pool cleaning package includes:

  • Skimming and brushing
  • Cleaning waterline
  • Backwashing filter
  • Equipment inspection
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Water testing
  • Adjusting of pH, sanitizer, alkalinity and calcium levels

Another benefit to hiring a pro company is that you don’t have to mess with any of the chemicals. There are safety issues with chemicals, and you need proper storage for them. Not to mention, chemicals cost a lot of money, and prices aren’t necessarily cheaper online. Finally, you can save money on the cost of equipment replacements and repairs. A pool expert will warn you of any issues, and most maintenance packages come with discounts on replacement parts.

There are pros and cons to DIY pool care and hiring a professional company. Luckily, most pool maintenance companies offer convenient packages where you can test out the services on a weekly basis. If you like what you see, you can save money by signing up for a longer package.

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