Best Pool Toys and Gadgets for 2015

Publication date : Saturday, January 10th, 2015

If you can’t wait to get into your swimming pool for the summer, we’re right there with you! We’re still a few months out from opening up our swimming pools, but we do have one suggestion to pass the time: checking out some of the latest and greatest pool toys and gadgets for 2015. By shopping now, you can ensure that you get the things you want for your pool without them being out of stock or backordered. Come late spring, you’ll be ready to dive right into your backyard pool – swimming gear and all.

Let’s check out some of the hottest pool accessories for 2015.

Inflatable Slides – If you can’t afford to have a slide installed for the kids, try an inflatable slide! They are affordable, include a base and tube and can be used with most inground swimming pools. The kids will have hours of fun!

Group Water Floats – Most styles of water floats are designed for one person, but there are some styles that are made for several people. These party loungers or group water floats are perfect for people who love to entertain with their favorite friends.

LED Pool Stools – Not only can you entertain with a group water float but also pool stools! Some pools even include illumination using LED lights so that different colors emerge from the water – perfect for a nighttime pool party!

Bean Bag Loungers – Most pool loungers are made from a vinyl material, but if you’re looking for something different, check out the water loungers made from buoyant foam beads. They’re super comfortable – you’ll sink right in! And you don’t have to worry about the uncomfortableness that can happen when trying to get on and off the other types of rafts.

Party Pool Loungers – You can find these made for one person or several. They include amenities like drink holders and compartments for storing drinks. With these loungers, you’ll never have to get out of the pool – except maybe to use the bathroom.

Giant Floatable Balls – If your kids keep telling you that they’re bored, it’s time to rev up the fun with a giant floatable ball. These large balls can handle kids (good swimmers) crawling inside, outside and under them.

Jousting Pool Toys – Another great idea for good swimmers is a set of pool joust toys. Kids sit on the inflatable logs and use inflatable boppers to put on a great jousting fight. And, there should be no hurt feelings with this game as it’s fun to get knocked off into a pool of water!

Inflatable Pool Houses and Islands – These days, you can buy just about anything for your backyard pool, and that includes inflatable houses and islands! Think bouncy houses but made for the pool instead. Some inflatable houses even come with rafts! The islands are ideal for younger children who may not be ready to take on the entire pool.

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