A Look at Daily Pool Maintenance Tasks

Publication date : Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

Pool maintenance should be performed on a regular basis to check for problems and maintain your water chemistry. Performing these simple pool maintenance tasks each day will ensure your pool is appealing for swimmers all summer long. If you experience problems you cannot handle yourself, contact a swimming pool maintenance and repair company to address them for safe and comfortable swimming.

Check Your Filtration Basket
Your filtration or skimmer basket collects debris from the surface of your pool to prevent it from settling to the bottom and causing stains. The filtration basket is located beneath the round white cover on your pool decking or patio. To check and clean the basket, lift the cover and pull up the basket by the handle. Empty the basket of any debris and replace it. If you have more than one filtration basket, make sure to check all of them each day.

Check Your Water Return Valve
The water return valve pumps water that has been cleaned by your pool’s filter back into the pool. Check that the water being pumped out of this valve is returning to the pool in a steady stream. If the stream appears choked or inconsistent, you need to backwash your pool filter using the settings on your filtration system. If you backwash your system, make sure to check the water level after you are done and add water if it is needed.

Check Your Pool Chemistry
Many factors can affect your pool’s water chemistry and changes occur quickly. Check the chemistry of your pool’s water using a dip stick to measure pH, alkalinity, and the level of chlorine or bromine in the water. Made adjustments as necessary. It’s easier to make small adjustments than large ones, which is why this task should be performed every day.

At Paradise Pools and Spas of Jackson, we are dedicated to helping you maintain a healthy, beautiful pool. Call us at (888) 928-0360 to learn more about pool cleaning, maintenance, and winterization. If you’re interested in building or remodeling a pool, check out the pool gallery on our website!

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