A Closer Look at Bullfrog Spas

Publication date : Friday, March 21st, 2014

In a world with hundreds of spa choices, one name stands out from the rest. Bullfrog spas are widely considered to be among the best spas available for purchase. They offer their owners a great number of benefits that few other spa manufacturers can compete with, including:


Bullfrog spas are designed with your individual needs in mind. People buy spas for a number of different reasons, and Bullfrog Spas offers a customization package for all of them. From jets that deliver different types of massages to layouts that focus water pressure on specific areas of the body, there’s a Bullfrog spa for everyone. This is just one of the many reasons why Bullfrog was recently voted the Best Hot Tub of 2012.

Eco-Friendly Design

Bullfrog is the industry leader in green spa technology. It all starts with the design of their spas, which are made with recyclable ABS plastic and synthetic wood for an upscale finish. Bullfrog spas do not use real wood, which can warp, rot, and spring leaks, resulting in expensive repair bills. If you’re worried about having to use potentially harmful chemicals to retard bacteria growth, don’t be—Bullfrog spas filter 100 percent of the water within them, saving you time and allowing you to keep chemical usage to a minimum.

Energy-Saving Technology

Hot tubs and spas have a reputation for being financial sinkholes for the amount of energy that they require to heat up. This heat is almost always short-lived, as many hot tubs and spas are made with materials that leak heat into the surrounding air. With Bullfrog, all spas contain a layer of heat-insulating foam, which works to drastically reduce heat loss—and your energy costs!

Paradise Pools and Spas of Jackson is proud to be a Bullfrog dealer. We also offer pool designs, hot tubs and spas of every shape and size, and all the chemicals you’ll need to treat them with. Call us at (888) 928-0360 to ask about our swimming pool and spa services.

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