5 Questions to Ask Before You Break Ground for a Swimming Pool

Publication date : Monday, May 24th, 2021

When you finally make the decision to purchase a swimming pool, it’s normal to want to dive right into the project! But before you do, there are a few details you’ll want to clean up. Your swimming pool dealer in Jackson can help with some of these, but you’ll also have to make some decisions on your own.

Below are five things to think about before breaking ground for your swimming pool. Discussing these topics now will prevent unwanted surprises from slowing down your project. 

1. How Will You Access the Swimming Pool? 

In terms of entering and exiting your swimming pool, you have a few options. A ladder is a common and cost-effective option, but if you’re planning on an inground pool, you can also consider built-in steps, a zero depth entry or a pool ledge (which can also be used for tanning).

Also consider the accessibility of your pool. You and your guests will still need to access the house, the restroom and the outdoor entertainment area. Think about where your patio, deck and walkways are positioned and where the placement of your pool makes the most sense. 

2. Are There Lines or Pipes Running Through the Ground? 

Before digging for an inground pool, you’ll need to check for electrical wires, telephone wires, sewer lines, septic lines or buried pipes. You can find this information from your home’s building plan, by calling the local records office or by calling 811 – the national call-before-you-dig number. Sometimes, these lines can be diverted but other times they can’t. 

3. How Will Your Pool Drain? 

Drainage is another issue that people often forget about, but it’s an important one. Water needs to drain away from the pool to avoid standing water or dirt/mud from getting into the pool. Also consider the nearby landscape and how it may be affected. Flat terrains are easiest to work with – hilly terrains are more complicated. 

4. What Add-Ons Do You Plan on Installing? 

If you want a basic swimming pool, you can work in a tighter space. But if you envision your pool having a slide, diving board, water features, etc., you’ll need to accommodate these features. For example, if you plan on having a pool slide, there needs to be enough patio or deck space to accommodate the ladder. Most slides need an area of 7 x 15 feet. 

5. Where Do You Plan on Storing the Pool Equipment and Chemicals? 

Ideally, your pool equipment and pool chemicals should be stored near the pool. A lot of our customers accomplish this with a shed. There are all types of sheds available – metal, wood, plastic – or you can splurge and build a pool house. Some pool houses are elaborate and have a kitchen, sitting area and bedroom, but you can also build a simple one for changing and storage purposes. 

These are some of the considerations to make before you break ground. When you work with an experienced swimming pool contractor like Paradise Pools, all of these points will be considered. We make sure our customers have everything in place before we start the project!

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