5 Alternatives to Using Chlorine in Your Pool

Publication date : Wednesday, June 26th, 2019

Chlorine is the most popular choice for keeping pools clean, but it’s not the only sanitization method out there. If you are considering alternative ways to keep your pool water clean and sanitary, you’ll be happy to know that other options are available. 

Below are five water sanitizing systems that may make a great fit for your backyard oasis. 

1. Saltwater 

Salt is a common alternative to chlorine, and for good reason. With this system, salt passes through a salt cell to create chlorine that disinfects the water. However, the chlorine has low levels of chloramine, so it’s much gentler on the skin, eyes and hair. While saltwater does have advantages, it is more expensive and requires experienced technical help, even for small problems. 

2. Bromine

Bromine is often used in spas and hot tubs. It’s a great sanitizer, as long as you don’t mind the cost. Bromine is more expensive than chlorine because it cannot be stabilized against UV rays. This means that more bromine is needed to sanitize your pool, especially if it receives a lot of sunlight. On a good note, bromine is stable, lasts longer and doesn’t need as much testing as chlorine.

3. Mineral system 

Mineral pool water systems are growing more popular. They are easy to maintain, and they can reduce chlorine by up to 50 percent, leaving you with soft, clean pool water. These systems work by feeding small amounts of silver and copper into the pool water to kill bacteria and keep the water quality high. You can opt for floating chemical dispensers or a complete sanitation system. 

4. Non-chlorine shock 

Non-chlorine shock oxidizes organic pollutants like sunscreen and sweat. The problem with non-chlorine shock is that it can’t clean your pool on its own. You will need an additional method such as chlorine for full effectiveness. However, non-chlorine shock can be a great addition to a pool that is heavily used. It reduces chloramine levels as well. 

5. Ozone generators 

Ozone generators aren’t quite as popular, but they are worth discussing. These generators break down organic contaminants. As with non-chlorine shock, you do need an additional sanitizing system to keep your pool clean, so many people choose chlorine. The good news is that the ozone generators lower chemical usage by as much as 90 percent and keep the water clean and soft. 

Need help choosing the right sanitation method for your swimming pool or spa? Contact Paradise Pools today for expert assistance. 


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