3 Problems with Vinyl Pools and Their Solutions

Publication date : Friday, September 15th, 2017

Vinyl pools are some of the most popular because they cost less to install, offer the best value per square foot and are customizable. There are some drawbacks to these pools, though no pool is perfect. Fortunately, you can work through most of these hurdles and get more enjoyment from your investment.

Here are three common problems with vinyl swimming pools and their solutions.

1. Liner Longevity

One of the biggest complaints about vinyl swimming pools is having to replace the liners. On average, pool liners last for 8-12 years and cost several thousand dollars or more to replace. While you can’t get away from this entirely, there are steps you can take to increase the lifespan of your liner. This includes managing your pool chemistry, using a salt system or non-chlorine system and having the liner properly installed.

2. Unattractive Steps and Benches

One of the appeals to concrete and fiberglass pools is the built-in water features that can be added, such as steps, fountains and benches. This isn’t the case with vinyl liners that are known for their more obvious plastic stairs and seating.

Luckily, more pool builders are using new techniques to make steps and benches appear more integrated. It does cost more money, but it’s well worth it. At Paradise Pools, our installations are versatile and include features such as stools, benches, tanning ledges and swim-outs. We can make your pool look like a million dollars!

3. Wood or Metal Walls

Originally, vinyl liner pools were made with wood walls. It’s not surprising that wood was not a long-term solution! Builders began replacing wood with galvanized steel that was much stronger than wood. As strong as steel panels are, they can oxidize in the ground, especially with salt water pools.

Fortunately, more builders are shifting over to polymer wall panels because they will not oxidize, are unaffected by salt and have a long lifespan. Paradise Pools does not use wood or steel for our vinyl pool installations. We only use the strongest polymer walls on the market today.

For more information on vinyl pool liners, call Paradise Pools. We have high-quality vinyl liners and budget-friendly options coupled with the best service around!

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