3 Easy Pool Exercises that Lose Fat Fast

Publication date : Thursday, July 26th, 2018

One of the great things about owning your own swimming pool is that you have a workout studio in your backyard! Water provides one of the best workouts there is. It’s fun, so you can get a lot accomplished without even realizing it. Aquatic workouts burn fat, provide resistance, promote healing and encourage balance and agility. You can also get relief from chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia and arthritis.

Below we share some of the best pool exercises that will burn fat quickly while going easy on the body. Before we start, we want to remind you to wear water shoes for improved traction, drink plenty of water before and after and stay at waist-high level.

1. Pool Plank

You’ve probably heard of planks before. Pool planks are no different, except they are done in the water. The problem with regular planks is that they are hard to do if you don’t have a strong upper body. When you’re in water, things are different. You don’t need all this strength to give your abdominal muscles a good workout.

To do a pool plank, stand on the pool floor and hold a pool noodle in your hands. Press it down into the water and lean forward until your body is on an incline. Hold this position for about 1-2 minutes, or as long as you can.

2. Pool Jogging

Tired of running on land? Try running in water! This is a great workout that strengthens your core muscles. Be sure to practice good running form – ears, shoulders and hips should all be aligned. This forces your core to do the work rather than putting stress on your legs or shoulders.

Jogging in place may sound like the obvious way to run in the pool, but you can be more creative! Run in a zigzag pattern and run back through the currants you made in the water. This adds resistance to your workout.

3. Balance Exercises

Doing balance exercises in the swimming pool is a great way to tone the muscles and build endurance. This is especially helpful for older adults who want to improve balance and coordination to reduce the risk of falling. Plus, balance exercises are relatively easy to do, so you can continue them well into your older years.

There are dozens of balance exercises, but here is one of our favorites. Stand in waist-high water and lift up your right knee. Place a noodle under your right foot and keep your hands by your side. Stay in this position for 60 seconds and then switch sides. If this exercise is too easy, place your hands above your head. It’s a lot harder to balance this way!

For many individuals, swimming is the key to good health, good friends and good times!


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