Wildlife-Proofing your Backyard Pool

Publication date : Friday, November 16th, 2018

There’s nothing better than a morning dip in the backyard pool. Unfortunately, many wild animals feel the very same way, too, and they won’t  hesitate to dive in at the first opportunity. Others don’t care for swimming, but find themselves in an awkward situation when they fall in. Both can lead to damage, or worse yet, a deceased animal in your pool – making swimming most undesirable. In this post, we’ll explain how to wildlife-proof your pool and keep those would-be divers divested of its beauty.

Fence it In

All pools should have a fence – or should at least be enclosed behind some sort of barrier that prevents people and animals from entry. Leaving a backyard pool open is not only a risk for wildlife, but it can also be a safety hazard for pets and humans, too.

There have been situations where young children and pets from neighboring houses just happened to wander by, fall in, and find themselves injured (or even worse). Putting in a fence or enclosure will keep out wildlife and help you be a more responsible pool owner.

Use a Pool Cover

The simplest care step is also the most effective: cover your pool with a high-quality pool cover if and when it isn’t in use. This effectively prevents most smaller animals from entering the water in the first place; if they fall in, they can simply jump out off of the cover again.

One small word of caution: be wary of using mesh pool covers if you’re worried about animals like birds, squirrels, or small pets. While it’s rare, the mesh can sometimes trap them accidentally if a toe or claw becomes caught. Use a cover rated safe for pets or for up to 4,000 lbs to eliminate this concern.

Install Floating Ramps

Floating ramps attach to the side of your pool, usually with ties. They’re generally made from a material like plastic or lightweight foam. These devices provide animals with a way to get out, should they fall in – including any household pets. Leave them attached at all times or just when your pool isn’t in use.

Create an Animal-Safe Zone Elsewhere

Most animals that find themselves in your pool were really just looking to cool off, get a drink of water, or relax. If you have the space, try placing a bird bath or small pond somewhere else on your property – somewhere further away from the pool.

Try Repellants or Automatic Sprinklers

Have curious deer or interested foxes? Ward them off by using repellants along the outside of your pool fence at critical entry points. Then, install automatic detection sprinklers that trigger and send out a spray when they detect an animal. You can always turn them off when the pool’s in use if they annoy you.

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