Why Now is a Good Time to Start Working on Your Pool Renovation Plans

Publication date : Monday, December 29th, 2014

Even though most of us aren’t thinking about lounging around in the pool right now, the late fall and winter is a good time to be thinking about future renovation plans. If you’ve been considering giving your swimming pool a facelift, don’t wait until the spring or summer to get things into action. These are the months that you want to be using your pool, not watching it under construction.

Faster Scheduling and Completion Times

For the most part, families in MS use their pools after St. Patrick’s Day and before Labor Day. By starting your renovation plans now, you have several solid months to get the project underway without having your outdoor time interrupted.

Pool companies have busy and not-so-busy seasons, and the winter is a not-so-busy one. By starting your renovation plans, the pool company you select will have a more flexible schedule. They will be able to get you in quicker and get the work done faster because fewer projects are going on.

More Attention and Flexibility

Also, there isn’t much maintenance from pool owners at this time of the year because most pools are closed. These types of appointments are far greater in the spring and summer, especially as people are opening their swimming pools for the first time. Even early fall is busy because people need help winterizing and closing their pools. By winter, very little is going on, so you can expect more attention to your project.

Cheaper Materials

Materials tend to be cheaper in the winter months because of supply and demand. As more people start their landscaping and design projects in the spring, the need for materials increases and so does their cost. So, you may even be able to save some money depending on the work you are having done.

Won’t Cut into Your Pool Time

When you start your renovation plans in the spring, you don’t have much time for error. If something goes wrong – the parts don’t come in, the materials aren’t available, the calendar is filled up – you’re eating into the months where you could be using your pool. The kids are only out of school for a couple of months, so you certainly don’t want your pool to be under construction when you have a household of bored kids. By planning ahead, you can ensure that your pool will be ready on that first hot day, even if there are a few mishaps along the way.

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