Why Hot Tubs are a Good Investment for Your Mental and Physical Health

Publication date : Monday, September 10th, 2018

Have you been thinking about installing a hot tub? It’s no surprise, as having your own spa is like having a little slice of heaven right in your backyard. At any time, you can switch on the bubbles, slip into the warm water and soak your troubles away. Hot tubs are a bigger investment than other backyard features, but they are worth it. Once you make the investment, you will have a reliable way to care for your physical and emotional well-being.

Below, we share the therapeutic benefits to owning a jacuzzi and why it’s worth every penny.

Soothe Tired, Aching Muscles

Many adults suffer from tired, aching muscles. It could be from an underlying health condition, medications or marathon training. Rather than sitting on the couch applying heat and ice – and taking anti-inflammatories – you can immerse your muscles in the hot tub. The temperature of the water is usually between 100 and 103 degrees Fahrenheit. This heat, coupled with water pressure from the jets, speeds up circulation, releases tension and promotes a healthy immune system.

Alleviate Stress and Tension

We all have stressful days from time to time – some more than others. If you feel tense and stressed with your job or staying home with the kids, a jacuzzi serves as a built-in stress reliever. Sit against the massage therapy jet system and get a free back rub – no time limit! The fresh air does wonders at lifting the spirits. By managing your stress levels, you lower blood pressure, decrease anger, boost immune function and promote longevity.

Encourage Healthy Sleep Habits

If you have trouble falling asleep at night, a hot tub can help. Many people turn to their electronics to help them fall asleep, but this actually makes things worse because of the bluelight. By taking a warm soak before bed, you have time to decompress. Let your worries melt away and look up at the stars to imagine your greater purpose in life. By bedtime, you’ll be ready to hit the sack.

Enjoy a Getaway in Your Backyard

You don’t have to wait all year for a vacation when you have a spa in your backyard! A whirlpool, especially when combined with an inground swimming pool, turns your backyard into a retreat. Rather than spending money on vacations and spa days, you have everything you need in your backyard. Promote relaxation and shared time with friends and family.

A hot tub is a good investment for your mental, physical and social health. If you want to learn more about having a hot tub installed in your yard, contact Paradise Pools. We have many collections to choose from!


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