When is the Best Time to Close My Swimming Pool in Mississippi?

Publication date : Tuesday, August 10th, 2021

Now that fall is almost here, you’re probably wondering when the best time to close your swimming pool is. You might get varying opinions from neighbors and friends, but the rule of thumb is that you can close your pool once water temperatures stay consistently below 65 degrees

Is it Possible to Close Your Swimming Pool Too Soon? 

Believe it or not, you can close your pool earlier than you should. If you close your pool while the weather is still warm, you may be asking too much of your pool chemicals. The winter chemicals you add won’t carry you through until spring because they are consumed much faster in hotter temperatures. 

So what happens when the pool chemicals are consumed? It will leave you with algae growth and staining during the early parts of spring. This will give you more work to do and possibly delay the opening of your swimming pool. And you already know, by spring, you’re ready to swim! 

For Mississippi residents, temperatures are still warm in September and October. You probably won’t be able to close your pool until late October or November, depending on the weather. If you close too soon and do end up with green, algae-filled water, you will have to either: 

  • Drain your pool water and refill it with clean, fresh water 

Helpful Tips for Closing Your Swimming Pool On Time 

Now that you know when to close your pool – when water temps are consistently below 65 degrees – let’s cover some tips for a smooth pool closing. 

  • Start closing the pool a week in advance. This gives you time to prepare accordingly. Keep the filter and pump running, clean the pool by brushing, skimming and vacuuming and test your water chemistry. 
  • Shock the pool before closing. A few days after you do the above steps, shock the pool. Wait until the chlorine levels drop into the normal range before adding the winter chemicals. 
  • Clean all equipment before spring. This prevents corrosion and scale buildup. Remember to turn off all power circuits to the pool as well. 
  • Keep the cover clean and clear. Regardless of the type of pool cover you’re using, make sure it’s in good condition and is kept clean. You can do this by using a leaf blower or broom. 
  • Check the pool water every so often. Every now and then, check the pool water level to make sure it’s not too low. If winter is warmer than expected, you may need to add more chemicals. 

If you have questions about closing your inground pool in Mississippi, contact Paradise Pools today. We’re always happy to help make this a smooth and stress-free process, especially for new owners! 

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