What Swimming Pool Shape is Right for You?

Publication date : Tuesday, December 14th, 2021

Each individual has a unique sense of style, and your yard should reflect that! Determining your pool shape is a part of that process. Since you have an assortment of options, you may feel overwhelmed, but we are here to help you find the pool shape that is best for your needs and poolside dreams! 

First, let’s start by answering some questions that may help you narrow down your search:

  1. Which pool shapes will compliment the type of landscaping you have in mind for the surrounding area?
  1. Which kind of pool shape will fit best in your size yard and layout?
  1. What do you plan on using your pool for? Exercise, hosting, casual swims, etc.?
  1. How deep do you want your pool to be?
  1. What extra features do you want your pool to have? For example: spa, ledges for tanning, a diving board, a swim-up bar.
  1. How much are you budgeting for your pool?

Which Pool Shape Are You Envisioning?

Now that we’ve covered some things to think about regarding your pool design, let’s take a closer look at six of the most popular swimming pool designs in Jackson

Rectangular Pool

If you are looking for a contemporary and clean look, a rectangular pool may be right for you! Rectangular pools typically require a large space, but if your yard is smaller, you can narrow or shorten the pool. 

Rectangular pools are a great option for those who like to swim laps and play water sports. They’re also easy to work with. For instance, if you have a gazebo or patio in your yard, you can easily cut out the corner of the pool so you don’t have to reconstruct these features.

L-Shaped Pool

An L-shaped pool has a deep section and a shallow section, making it ideal for kids who need a safe space to play. 

One of the variations of the L-shaped pool is the “Lazy L”. This design allows you to have a smaller shallow end for features like a tanning ledge or a set of steps. 

A second variation of the L-shape is the T. The T-shape allows for deep diving on one end and shallow play on the other, all while keeping the long part of the L for swimming laps or other water sports. 

Kidney-Shaped Pool

Kidney-shaped pools are considered an “old school” look, but still remain popular amongst those who are looking for a practical pool with low construction costs. This type of pool is curved with a small indent on one side. The indent can be used for a modern art piece, landscaping or hardscape, or whatever else you feel would match your yard’s ambiances.

Geometric Pool Shapes

A geometric pool shape encompasses multiple designs. There are two types of geometric pool shapes: traditional geometric shapes (think back to geometry class) and custom geometric shapes that feature different combinations of lines and curves. 

If you have a more traditional looking home, a classic geometric shape may be a better fit. But if your home has unique architectural features, then customize away!

Roman or Grecian (Classic Pool Shape)

This traditional pool shape is for those who are drawn to the classic Roman or Grecian backyard look. They are both typically designed as a rectangular pool, with radius modifications at the ends. 

The most common pool type of this classic look is when both ends of the pools are rounded, which is also known as the Roman Shape. The Grecian Shape is similar, as it also has a rectangular shape, but the ends of the pool are 90 degree angles. 

The downside of this type of pool shape is that it typically requires a larger yard size, and doesn’t easily accommodate other pool features. 

Free-Form Pool Shape

If you like to think outside of the box, maybe a free form pool shape is the right move for you! A free-form pool can easily blend into its natural setting, as well as work around any existing landscaping or gorgeous views. One of the main drawbacks with this type of pool is that it can be pricier to construct, and you will most likely have to design your own custom pool cover.

Which Design Is the Best Fit For You?

Hopefully you now have a better idea of what kind of pool shape would best fit the vision for your home. Remember that Paradise Pools is here for any questions you may have, and we look forward to helping you bring your backyard dreams to life!

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