Welcome to Hot Tub Season! Are You Ready?

Publication date : Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

Fall marks the end of swimming pool season, but it marks the beginning of hot tub season! If you’re part aquatic and can’t imagine spending your days without being in water, don’t fret over the change in seasons. Now is the time to start using your hot tub and enjoying your outdoor space as you did in the summertime. But, just as your swimming pool needs care and maintenance, your hot tub needs it, too. Below are a few tips for welcoming spa season and making the most of your hot tub!

What should I be doing now?

It’s the start of fall, so now is the best time to drain, clean and refill your hot tub. You won’t want to do this in the middle of winter when the weather could be chilly. Also consider new supplies that could extend the enjoyment of your hot tub, such as stairs to climb in and out of the spa or benches where you can keep warm towels. Finally, gather up necessary supplies. Winter is unpredictable, and even Southern states aren’t exempt from snow and ice. Get enough supplies to get you through the winter.

How can I save energy?

Now that it’s fall, you don’t have to run your A/C every day, which means more money in your pocket. To keep that money in your pocket, be smart about how much energy your spa uses. The two most important factors are: keeping the water clean for efficient operation and conserving heat. The way to accomplish this is with a durable, premium spa cover that will trap in heat and keep debris out of the water. If you need a new cover, now is the time to purchase one. Don’t delay!

How can I make my spa readily available?

The colder the water in the spa gets, the longer it takes to warm up. And, this means that you have to wait around until the water is warm. It’s best to keep the water temperature maintained on a daily basis rather than letting it get cold. Otherwise, it uses a lot of energy to heat back up. Save money, conserve energy and enjoy your hot tub more by maintaining the temperature. This also prevents the pipes from freezing.

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