Using Nature to Make Your Backyard Pool Shine

Publication date : Friday, December 7th, 2018

What does your backyard pool mean to you? Perhaps it’s a place to relax with a good book, a place to cool off when summer’s sun is the hottest, or even a place to spend quality time with the kids. Either way, your little slice of paradise is undoubtedly your sanctuary from time to time. Why not make it look the best it possibly can? By drawing in various elements of nature, like plants and rocks, you can evoke a spa-like feel that takes your simple backyard pool to the next level.

Install a Small Water Feature Nearby

Water features complement each other if they’re installed within close enough distance to one another. While you may not want to install a full-size swimming pond or natural pool, you can draw on the same design elements by creating a small pond nearby. Keep it simple, add a small fountain for trickling brook sounds, and surround it by pond plants for best results.

Install a Hedge or Tree Break

Fences are cute, but they often evoke a more house-like feel. Think about installing a tree break or rich, green hedge around your pool instead. Surrounded by flora and greenery, your pool will feel more like a tiny hideaway in the woods than a man-made and installed water feature.

If you have concerns about safety, choose a dense hedge species to block out unwanted guests. Alternatively, install the hedge or trees inside the fence, masking its appearance while preserving maximum safety at the same time.

Try Planting Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses are long, flowy, and soothing to look at, but they’re also very similar to the grasses that grow naturally around ponds, lakes, and rivers. Plant these along the edge of your pool in planter boxes to soften a harsh edge. Just be sure to leave room for exits, entries, and pool filters; it’s best to keep plants away from these areas for safety reasons.

Try Vines on Nearby Walls

Vine plants start small, but slowly weave their way across walls over time. They often develop in places with high amounts of moisture, meaning they’re the perfect choice for walls, lattice ceilings, and pool fences, too. Try a species like Jasmine, Ivy, Honeysuckle, Hydrangeas, Moonflower, or Wisterias; start them one year and you should have a nice traveling vine by the next. Just be sure to pick species that work for your climate and growing zone for optimal results.

Don’t want the fuss of dealing with growing fines? Try weatherproof silks instead. Newer faux plants look just as nice as the real thing, yet require virtually no upkeep.

Nature is beautiful. With just a smidgen of effort, you can make your pool look more like a resort-built paradise or magical escape deep in the forest. Don’t have your own pool just yet? Reach out to Paradise Pools today.


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