Types of Swimming Pool Lighting

Publication date : Tuesday, November 10th, 2015

Pool lighting is a great accessory for your swimming pool. It allows you to take full advantage of your pool, day and night, and it provides you with a wonderful ambiance while swimming. You can also watch your kids more easily at night with lights in the pool since it enhances visibility. If you’re thinking about having a pool installed next spring or summer, now is the time to consider the types of lights you would like as well. While it’s possible to install lights after the construction is complete, it’s much more difficult and labor intensive.

Types of Swimming Pool Lights

Let’s talk about some of the lights available to choose from.

  • LEDs: Since LEDs have no filaments, they emit no heat. They can also be made to change colors and have several different light show settings. This way, you can make the pool brighter or dimmer depending on your needs. LEDs have a long lifespan compared to both incandescent and fiber optics, making them a cost-effective choice for pools.
  • Fiber Optics: Fiber optics aren’t as popular thanks to LEDs, but they are still an option if you prefer. With fiber optic lights, the bulb is located in a dry box outside the pool. The light travels through a fiber optic cable within the pool wall, and the light shines out into the pool. Fiber optic lights can also be made to change colors.
  • Incandescents: Incandescents are the cheapest option, and they work by passing an electrical current through a wire. The current then glows and produces the bright light. The only way to get this type of lighting to change color is by placing a colored plate over it. Incandescents also have short lifespans.

What’s the Best?

The best pick for swimming pool lights is LEDs. They have the longest lifespan, they change colors and are cost effective. Fiber optics are very expensive, and incandescents are a bit outdated. However, regardless of the type of lights you select, the only maintenance needed is the replacement of the bulb. Once the lights are installed in the pool, there’s not much else to do but sit back and enjoy your pool.

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