Transform Your Space With Outdoor Water Features

Publication date : Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

Water features are an excellent way to enhance your yard, implement color and character and add value to your investment. The trouble is that many people aren’t sure which water features are worth investing in. Most homeowners agree that if they’re going to spend money, they want it to beautify their property and enhance its functionality. Let’s talk about the various types of water features available and how they can be used to transform your backyard into an oasis.

Determine Your Goals, Layout and Budget

First, decide whether or not you want something simple and subtle or something more transforming. For example, if you have a small backyard with a swimming pool, you may find that a bird bath or small fountain will be suitable. If you have more room in your budget and will be renovating your yard anyway, a waterfall, stream, pond or lagoon may be the better option. The best approach is to determine your goals, sketch a layout and set your budget before deciding on which water feature is best.

Be Reminded of the Benefits

Next, consider all the health benefits to having water features in your yard. When the project is underway and the money is being shelled out, it’s easy to get frustrated and doubt your decision. Knowing all the benefits aside from aesthetics is important. Water features purify and humidify the air, create a calming, relaxing environment and excite the senses. The more you use the space, the more you will enjoy these benefits.

Decide How You Plan to Integrate the Water Features

Finally, decide how you will integrate the water feature into your existing backyard. You don’t want it to be a separate addition to your yard but an extension of what you already have. Popular ideas include adding laminar jets or fountains to swimming pools, installing wall fountains for small spaces or choosing standalone fountains surrounded by stonework. Swimming pools can also be enhanced with a vanishing edge, an adjoining hot tub or an infinity design, which makes it looks like the pool has no edge.

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