Top 6 FAQs about Pool Remodeling

Publication date : Saturday, January 18th, 2020

Are you thinking about remodeling your swimming pool? This is an excellent way to breathe new life into your pool and your backyard in general. But, there are some considerations you’ll have to make. For example, what are your goals for your newly renovated pool? Do you plan on updating the tile and plaster, or are you thinking bigger, such as a new deck and plumbing equipment? 

The first step in a pool remodel project is to contact a qualified pool contractor like Paradise Pools. You can discuss your goals and objectives, as well as a reasonable cost and timeframe for the project. Below are the top FAQs we hear from our clients. Hopefully you will have a few of your questions answered, too! 

1. How long does a pool remodel take? 

The length of a pool remodel depends on what you are having done. If you plan on replacing the coping, tile and plaster, you can expect a turnaround time of about two weeks. However, if you have a bigger vision that includes new plumbing and equipment, the project could take several weeks or longer. 

2. What are the most popular features added during a remodel? 

Generally speaking, most pool owners choose simple but effective updates during a remodel. These updates increase their home’s value and make their pool more functional and enjoyable. Some of the most commonly requested features are: 

  • New lighting systems 
  • Safety features like handrails 
  • Relaxing features like waterfalls, fountains and rock formations 
  • Hot tubs and spas 
  • Outdoor kitchens and fire pits 
  • Walk-in beach entries 
  • Water spraying features for the kids 
  • Drink bar with sunk-in seating
  • Swimming pool slides 
  • Energy efficient pool equipment 

3. Can I move my pool pump and filter during a remodel? 

Absolutely. In fact, a pool remodel is the perfect time to do this. We recommend putting your pump and filter in a place where it won’t be seen and heard but is still easily accessible. 

4. Is it possible to change the shape of my pool? 

You can change the shape of your pool, but this will add significant time and cost onto your remodel. That said, this change may be worth it if you’re looking to transform your backyard or take advantage of a new look like the popular figure 8 or kidney-shaped pool. 

5. Can I change the depth of my swimming pool? 

It is possible to change the depth of your swimming pool, though you will have to get a new pool liner or pool finish to make this change. You can make your pool deeper or shallower depending on your needs. 

6. I have a gunite pool. Can I change it into a vinyl liner pool? 

Yes you can! A qualified pool contractor like Paradise Pools will send someone out to measure your pool, including the wall height, angle of slope and depth. Accurate measurements are crucial. Then, we will order the proper materials to make this transition. 

If you are planning on remodeling your swimming pool, contact Paradise Pools today. We’ll be happy to speak with you about your goals and how we can achieve them with your budget. If you start the planning process today, you will have a newly updated pool by spring or summer! 


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