The Ultimate Family Gift: A Swimming Pool

Publication date : Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

If giving gifts is part of your holiday tradition, it’s common to run out of ideas over time. Once kids are out of the preschool stage, they start wanting tablets, gaming consoles and smartphones rather than toys. If you have a young family but you’re not ready to cross over into video games and smartphone apps just yet, here’s an idea for an ultimate family gift: a swimming pool.

With the price of electronics these days, a swimming pool can actually be within budget. Looks like Clark Griswold was on the money when he wanted a swimming pool for his own family for the holidays.

First, let’s discuss the many benefits to owning a pool.

  • More time with the family.
  • Increased exercise and time outdoors.
  • Kids and neighbors will want to be at YOUR home. This may not sound like a benefit to all people, but when your kids enter the tween and teen stages, you’ll be happy to have them home.
  • Save money from not having to buy pool passes and gym memberships.
  • Something to do. No more bored kids over the summer or having to drop everything to take the kids to the pool.
  • Stress relief. Not only is lying in the pool relaxing, but there are plenty of fun games to play to de-stress.

Since the pool is going to be a family gift, involve everyone in the process. Look at the various pool designs you see online. Do you want an inground pool or above-ground pool? If you do an inground pool, what shape would you prefer? Pool contractors appreciate when people come to them with pictures from magazines or pools you see in other yards or on vacation.

If you hand the torch over to the kids, they may decide that having a water slide or wading area is perfect. Older kids may appreciate aesthetic additions such as a vanishing edge or built-in waterfall. You will need to establish a budget early on so that everyone can make realistic suggestions, and don’t forget to factor in other costs such as pool covers, pumps and lighting. These accessories will keep your pool comfortable and cut down on energy usage.

You can start working with a pool contractor as soon as you’re ready – the sooner the better! When you start a pool installation project in the winter, scheduling times are more flexible and wait times are typically shorter. Your new pool will be ready to be enjoyed come summer, and you can finally schedule that long-awaited pool party!

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