Saltwater vs Chlorinated vs Fresh Water

Publication date : Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

Few activities are as refreshing and fun as a quick dip in the water, especially when that dip is just a few feet away. When building or renovating a pool for your backyard space, one of the first questions that people have is which type of water is best: saltwater, chlorinated water or fresh water. Each has its own distinct advantages, and hopefully the information below will help you choose which is best for your new swimming pool!

Saltwater Pools

The benefit to saltwater pools is that they use less chemicals than chlorinated pools yet are still clean and sanitary. Saltwater chlorinators use salt to produce the sanitizing action, so there’s no need for added chlorine. Advocates of saltwater pools agree that the swimming conditions are more favorable because the water doesn’t smell like chlorine and is less harsh on the skin, eyes and swimwear.

If you do opt for a saltwater pool, keep in mind that they require constant monitoring. The salt in the water can lead to corrosion or buildup on stone, materials, lights and pool equipment. Chlorine levels must still be balanced in order to keep harmful bacteria and algae down. The goal is to not just set it and forget it.

Chlorinated Pools

Chlorine swimming pools have been popular since the early 1900s. They are cheaper than saltwater pools since you don’t have to pay for a chlorine generator upfront. Although some people have their reservations about chlorine, it is very effective at killing bacteria and algae, and you can keep the levels as low as possible to minimize risk to eyes, skin and clothes. Not to mention, you can’t get away from chlorine entirely; even saltwater pools use it.

Freshwater Pools

Freshwater swimming pools are conventional pools that do not use a saltwater chlorinator. Instead, an iconic purifier system is used to keep the water safe and sanitary. This type of purifier system releases small amounts of copper and silver into the pool, and both work together to attack bacteria and prevent algae growth. Many people report that freshwater swimming pools feel more natural, have softer water and are less likely to irritate the skin and eyes.

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