Pros and Cons to Leaving Your Pool Open this Winter

Publication date : Wednesday, October 30th, 2019

The time has come to make the decision: Should you close your pool or leave it open for the winter? For pool owners who live in cold climates, there is obviously no choice but to winterize and close their swimming pool. But, for those who live in milder climates, there is the option to leave it open. 

If you are considering leaving your pool open, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, we can say that more pool owners here in Mississippi are choosing not to close or cover their pool in the winter. 

Benefits to Leaving Your Pool Open in the Winter 

Mississippi is considered to have a milder winter climate, but freezes are not uncommon. For example, in Jackson, there’s a 90% chance that a freeze will occur by the end of November. That said, our area is not subject to frequent hard freezes, giving pool owners the option to leave their pools open. Of course, you’ll want to keep your pump running as you normally would to prevent the water from freezing and damaging the pipes. 

Here are some reasons why more pool owners are choosing to leave their pools open for the winter. 

  • Aesthetics. Many people don’t like how pools look when they’re covered. Having the pool open allows for a beautiful backyard for holiday gatherings. 
  • Space. Some people don’t have a place to store a pool cover. For example, some home associations don’t allow sheds or other storage structures.
  • Winter use. Remember, one warm winter day won’t change the temperature of your pool. That said, some people like having the option to swim on a warm winter day.
  • Cost and hassle. Pool covers can be expensive and cumbersome. Not everyone wants to deal with this hassle, so they leave their pool open as a compromise. 
  • Easier opening. Leaving your pool open year-round allows you to get more use out of it. Come springtime, a bit of light maintenance and chemical balancing will get your pool swim-ready. 

Considerations for Not Closing Your Pool 

Even though it’s becoming more common for people to leave their pools open, there are still many that close them down for the winter. In fact, some customers choose to use their pool covers year-found! Here are some reasons for doing so. 

  • Safety. For homes with pets and young children, having a pool cover adds an extra layer of safety. 
  • Energy savings. Pool covers save an estimated 50-70% on your pool heating costs. If you decide to heat your pool during the winter, you’ll definitely want a pool cover. 
  • Protection. Closing your pool also keeps it protected from falling leaves, branches, debris and wildlife. It also prevents water evaporation. 

The decision of whether to close a pool or not depends on the homeowner, their needs and how often the pool is used. To learn more about the pros and cons to not closing your pool this winter, contact the pros at Paradise Pools. 


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