Preventing Pool Overstabilization

Publication date : Thursday, May 8th, 2014

Swimming pool overstabilization is caused by a buildup of cyanuric acid that is usually due to an overuse of stabilized sanitizers and stabilized shock products. Pool overstabilization diminishes the ability of chlorine to kill germs, algae, and bacteria. Continue reading to learn more about preventing pool overstabilization.

Monitor Cyanuric Acid Levels
Having some level of stabilizer, such as cyanuric acid, in your pool helps protect chlorine from sunlight degradation. However, too much cyanuric acid will cause overstabilization. Ask your pool company about the recommended level of stabilizer for your swimming pool. It will probably be between 40 and 60 ppm. Using stabilized shock products simultaneously with stabilized sanitizer can cause cyanuric acid levels to exceed 70 ppm, at which point the swimming pool becomes overstabilized.

Watch for Overstabilization Symptoms
If you see algae in your pool when your chlorine levels are normal, there’s a good chance the water is overstabilized. Add some chlorine to see if it gets rid of the algae. If adding chlorine doesn’t help and you notice cloudy water in your pool, the water is definitely hydra overstabilized.

Treat Any Pool Overstabilization
To treat pool overstabilization, first turn on the pool pump. To make sure that the pump is running properly, it may need to be cleaned and backwashed. Next, test the stabilizer level, and adjust it so that it is roughly 20-50 ppm. You may need to drain some water from the pool and add some fresh water. The total alkalinity should be adjusted to 80-120 ppm, the chlorine to 1.0-3.0 ppm, and the pH to 7.2-7.8.

Use the Right Sanitizers and Shock Products
Ask your pool company where you can buy cyanuric acid-free sanitizers and shock products. Consider switching to a professional swimming pool maintenance service to avoid overstabilization in the future.

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