The Big Green Egg

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Imagine sitting out on the patio looking over your crystal clear pool and watching your guests mix and mingle. You have invited them over for a BBQ, but not just any BBQ. You are going to break out the Big Green Egg and wow them with your grill mastery. The Big Green Egg, the original All-American grill and smoker, will allow you to create succulent steaks, juicy burgers and the perfect hotdogs.

Paradise Pools is a proud supplier of the Big Green Egg in Jackson, MS. We want to help you be the best host and throw amazing pool parties. The Big Green Egg, which uses a ceramic cooking base, has been wowing guests and their owners alike since 1974. They are the perfect appliance for every backyard.

Call Paradise Pools today at (601) 932-POOL (7665) to know more about the Green Egg grill in Jackson, MS or visit our local store or contact us online. We are more than happy to answer your questions and even place an order for you today.

Why the Big Green Egg?

The Big Green Egg is a unique cooking vessel. It was derived from an ancient clay-cooking device, known as the “kamado.” It is extremely versatile and offers an array of features that an ordinary grill cannot compare to, including:

  • It is a Smoker, Grill and Oven in One – The Big Green Egg is a superior smoker, amazing griller and it can even be used as an oven. From grilling steaks to baking a pizza for the family, it is a versatile outdoor cooking vessel that all will enjoy.
  • Easy to Use – the Big Green Egg only takes about 10 minutes to reach cooking temperature. Because of its innovative design, it pulls air in through the lower draft door and circulates it out through the damper top — allowing it to reach required temperatures faster than a traditional grill or charcoal smoker.
  • Holds in Moisture – Your average grill can dry out delicate meats (especially poultry) rather quickly. But the Big Green Egg retains heat and traps in moisture so that your food won’t dry out — instead it will be juicy and delicious .
  • Easy to Clean – A grill is not easy to clean, but the Big Green Egg is. Its exterior wipes clean in a second and the heat helps burn off excess grease inside, similar to a self-cleaning oven, so you have little to clean when you are done.
  • Temperature Control – If you need an exact temperature, you can achieve it by adjusting the dampers on your Big Green Egg. You are in total control so you don’t have to worry about overcooking your foods. You can maintain the desired temperature within just a few degrees.
  • Capable of Year-Round Use – The Big Green Egg is suitable for year-round use. It does not matter if it is raining or the temperatures are near freezing, your Big Green Egg in Jackson, MS is ready to tackle the job.

Wow your guests, family and friends at your next party with the Big Green Egg. Contact Paradise Pools today at (601) 932-POOL (7665). As the premier dealer of the Big Green Egg in Jackson, MS, our staff is more than happy to answer your questions or help you place your order.

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