Not All Pool Contractors are the Same

Publication date : Saturday, July 15th, 2017

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When you make the decision to invest in a swimming pool for your family, you envision everyone sitting around on summer afternoons, playing water games and having fun. You don’t see yourself feeling frustrated over broken parts and an out-of-order pool. Unfortunately, some pool owners face this situation when they hire the wrong contractor.

Not all pool contractors in Jackson are the same, which is why it’s important to be an informed consumer. Common issues that customers have faced include inconsistent billing cycles, inexperienced technicians, low quality materials and poor customer service. Many customers report that when they attempted to call the company, either the phones weren’t answered or their messages weren’t returned.

Bottom line: Not all pool builders Jackson are created equal. Before you make the investment, take your time to find an honest, trustworthy and established pool builder such as Paradise Pools.

Tips for Selecting the Best Pool Contractors Jackson

If you plan on having a swimming pool installed or any type of maintenance/cleaning done on your pool, do your research before hiring just anyone. You will be much happier in the long run if you work with a reputable swimming pool contractor.

Below are a few tips for selecting a pool service that you will be happy with.

  • Get Recommendations. If possible, get recommendations from friends, family or neighbors whose pools you’ve seen. You can also look online and browse pool companies’ websites. Reputable installers will have plenty of pictures as well as testimonials from customers.
  • Do a Background Check. Screening a pool company is never a bad idea. You can start with the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any complaints against the contractor. There are also websites that will provide you with a more detailed report on contractors for a small fee.
  • Get Quotes. Obtaining quotes from swimming pool contractors in Jackson gives you a chance to talk with the companies. Ask about what type of pool will be best for your home and any problems that can be foreseen. Trustworthy contractors will let you know of potential issues.
  • Get a Bid. Once you’ve narrowed down your search, get a bid in writing with an estimated timeline. If you’re not sure which type of pool you want, ask for a breakdown of the options. Also inquire about your payment schedule. How much is the deposit? How will the payments be issued?
  • Check Credentials. Lastly, ask for proof that the pool builder is licensed and insured. If anyone gets injured on the job, you don’t want the medical bills to become your responsibility.

Paradise Pools has been building and installing pools for decades. We have a dedicated customer service team that is available to answer your questions and educate you on the best pool practices. For pool building or maintenance services, call us today!


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