New Year, New You. Here’s Why You Need a Swimming Pool

Publication date : Saturday, January 3rd, 2015

Some of the most common New Year’s resolutions include burning calories and/or getting physically fit, spending more time outdoors, fitting in more exercise and enjoying more quality time with the family. Did you know that all of these goals can be met with one simple thing? A swimming pool!

Whether you’re considering installing a swimming pool or re-opening your pool for the summer, this post is for you! There’s no reason to spend money on costly swimming pool passes, health club memberships or workout gear just to get fit and exercise more often. And you certainly don’t need to shell out money for expensive getaways and vacations to create more family time. With a backyard swimming pool, you can have your cake and eat it, too.

Here are a few reasons why you need a swimming pool. We bet your family will agree!

Fitness for Everyone

If you know how to swim, that’s great. You can enjoy this low-impact exercise in the comfort of your backyard. Swimming is an all-around great activity because it keeps the heart rate up, builds endurance and muscle strength, improves cardiovascular fitness and maintains a healthy weight, heart and lungs.

A swimming pool is good for non-swimmers, too. You can walk or jog in the pool and get the same benefits as swimming. Plus, swimming is a lot of fun, so it’s much easier to stick to a regimen.

Much-Needed Family Time

It’s hard to spend quality family time together when schedules are all over the place. But the swimming pool is always there and always open – at least for most of the year. If you can’t make it around the dinner table, encourage everyone to take a dip in the pool at the end of the day. Play water volleyball, turn some music on or light a bonfire. It will feel great to take a refreshing swim and burn off any stress from the day, and you’ll enjoy time as a family.

Mental Clarity

Did you know that just by being near water, you can de-stress and enjoy a positive state of mind? No wonder people love being by oceans and lakes! With your own swimming pool, you can boost your mental health and create the perfect setting for meditation. Floating there in the water dissolves stress, and if you plan to install water features, you get the dual benefit of soothing water effects. You can’t put a price on good mental health.

Better Sleep

Nothing is worse that having to perform on little to no sleep. Yet many people – kids and adults alike – struggle from sleep difficulties. With a swimming pool to enjoy each day, sleep problems are often worked out. Being in and around a pool causes fatigue, and this can help everyone in the family settle down earlier, fall asleep easier and stay asleep. Imagine how much better your kids’ bedtimes will be without all the fighting!

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