Kid-Friendly Water Games

Publication date : Monday, June 15th, 2015

Now that summer is in full swing, you may be wondering how you will pass the long days with the kids. You want to take full advantage of the warm, sunny weather, but it can be hard to find constructive things to do, especially if you have a range of ages at home. The good news is that adding water to your activities will make everything more exciting and fun. You have seen the way that your kids react when you turn on the hose, right?

Here are fun, rewarding kid-friendly water games that will brighten your summer days!

Jump Water

Turn on the hose and run a stream of water low to the ground. Have the kids jump over the water while trying not to get wet. Have a competition: Whoever doesn’t get their feet drenched wins!

Water Gun Tag

Spruce up a game of tag by using water guns. Have the kids wear bathing suits, or at least light clothing, and let them ‘tag’ each other using the water guns. In this game, there are no winners or losers, as everyone enjoys getting soaked!

Water Limbo

Time to bust out the limbo stick! Or should we stay water limbo stick! Play a classic game of limbo using the stream of water from your garden hose as the limbo stick.

Car Wash

Kids like to clean, so you might as well take the opportunity to get some of your outdoor stuff washed. Host a car wash with buckets of warm, soapy water and let the kids wash your car or their own bikes and outdoor toys.

Backyard Beach

Fill a mini pool with water, bubbles, beach balls and sand toys and let your kids have an outdoor beach day in their swimming suits. Actually, you can use this time to get clean and save yourself an extra chore for the evening. The kids won’t mind skipping their bath!

Balloon Babies

Fill a balloon for each child with water and draw a face on the front with a permanent marker. See who can take care of their balloon baby for the longest without it breaking.

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