Keeping Fun in the Pool Safe

Publication date : Sunday, April 6th, 2014

June marks the arrival of summer and pool season! Your pool can be the source of countless hours of fun for your family and friends, but taking the proper safety precautions to keep everyone safe in and around the pool comes first. As you get ready to enjoy another season of fun in your pool, remember to keep these water safety tips in mind:

Control Access to the Pool
You may view your pool as a gathering spot for family and friends, but to keep everyone safe, it’s important to always stay in control of pool access. A lockable fence that is at least five feet high and has a self-latching gate should surround your pool. The fence will help prevent children from wandering into the pool area unattended. Don’t store any furniture near the fence that kids could use to scale it. If you have a door that opens up directly into the pool area, install an alarm so you know when it opens and keep it locked.

Supervise Swimmers
It’s not safe for adults to swim alone, and children in particular should never be left unattended in the pool area. An adult should be present anytime children are playing in or near the pool. If a group of adults is present while kids are playing, make sure everyone knows whose job it is to supervise the children. Don’t make assumptions that other adults in the group are keeping an eye out for the kids.

Be Prepared
Always take a cell phone out to the pool with you, or install a phone line in your pool area, so you can call for help in the case of an emergency. Taking CPR classes will prepare you to take action if someone gets in trouble in the water. Enroll your children in swimming lessons so they are confident in the pool.

At Jackson’s Paradise Pools and Spas, we want your family to safely enjoy your in-ground pool for years to come. Call us today at (888) 928-0360 with your questions about pool repair and proper pool maintenance.

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