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Publication date : Thursday, August 6th, 2015

Your inground pool in Mississippi is likely seeing plenty of use this summer. While pools are all about fun and enjoying time with friends and family, it is important to remember basic safety rules while using them. As the pool’s owner, you are liable for any injuries, so make sure you have a fun, safe summer.
Staying Safe in Your Inground Pool

Clearly outlining safety rules and displaying them in a visible area is the best way to ensure everyone is safe and has a great experience. These rules are especially important if your swimming guests are small children—of course, you should verbally explain the rules to these young guests!

Some tips to keep everyone safe in your pool include:

  • Stay close, stay alert – Always keep an eye on small children if they are in the water or playing around the pool area. Children should never be allowed to swim near drains, pipes or other openings inside the pool. Adults should always be present while children are swimming and an adult supervising should be alert – no sleeping, drinking or even getting distracted while talking on the phone.
  • Secure your pool – Make sure your home has a fence around the property so that people cannot wander into your yard and use the pool. Consider installing a barrier around the pool itself with a self-closing, self-latching gate for added security. When not in use, consider covering your pool with a safety cover and remove all access ladders.
  • Knowing how to swim – If children or adults are swimming in your pool, make sure they know how to swim or they are wearing proper floatation devices. Ensure your children take swimming lessons. They will learn how to swim using the correct technique and also look out for their own safety in case of an emergency in the water.
  • Keep it clean – A pool that is not well-maintained and sanitized can be dangerous too. Make sure you use the proper chemical levels inside your pool and that the water is always clean and clear. Regularly check your filtration and the circulation of chemicals.

Keep Your Inground Pool in Mississippi Safe and Clean – Contact Paradise Pools

Paradise Pools can help you maintain your inground pool. We offer year-round swimming pool services, including weekly cleaning, seasonal cleaning and repair services. If you have questions about any accessories that you can add to make your pool safer, just ask our team.

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