How You Can Benefit from LED Pool Lighting

Publication date : Thursday, November 17th, 2016

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With the holidays swiftly approaching, everyone’s talking about lighting. Blinking lights to hang on the Christmas tree. Lights to hang outside. Rope lights for the banisters and columns. Of course, you can’t forget lighting to install around your swimming pool! Even though your pool may be closed for the season, you can certainly ask for a new set of LED lights for next swimming season!

Let’s explore some of the reasons why LED pool lighting is simply awesome.

You can swim at night.

Here in Mississippi, our nights stay warm enough that we can swim long after the sun sets. But swimming in the dark can be scary – and dangerous. LED lighting provides you with a low level of light that makes it safer and more enjoyable to swim at night.

You will save money.

Happily, LED lighting only costs pennies to run compared to incandescent lights that can cost triple the amount! When you have enough costs draining your electric bills, the next thing you need are expensive lights. Opt for LEDs and you’ll save money in the long run.

You will save time and hassle.

Another perk to LED lights is that they have a much longer lifespan compared to other lights. On average, LEDs last between 7 and 15 years, so you can save yourself the time and hassle from having to change out bulbs every couple of years. Also, LEDs are more durable, so you have less to worry about.

You can create a backyard oasis.

If you have everything you could have wanted in your backyard but it still looks ordinary, the right illumination will spruce things up! LEDs are available in just about every color, so you can achieve any look you want. Cool blue? No problem! Relaxing yellow? You got it. Plus, you can customize LED lights in a lot of interesting ways.

You can host great parties.

A final reason for investing in LED lighting is so that you can throw festive parties year round! With the holidays coming up, spread holiday cheer with red and green LEDs. During the summer, opt for red, white and blue. Labor Day even looks amazing in all white!

Next year’s swimming season will be here soon enough! In the meantime, it’s fun to think about ways to customize your pool and keep it looking amazing! Shop with Paradise Pools for all of your pool and spa needs under one roof!

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